GCSE Physics

  1. Speed and velocity are both a measure of 
    how fast you are going 
  2. speedAll speed and velocity are both measured in 
  3. speed is
    How fast you are going with regard to direction
  4. Velocity however
    Is a measure of how fast you are you going , however it must also have the direction specified
  5. Label the graph frbot left to right on the top and then left to right on the bottom Image Upload 1
    • Stopped 
    • decelerating 
    • steady speed 
    • accelerating 
    • steady speed (in other direction)
  6. speed =
    • Distance 
    • -----------
    • time 
  7. On a distance time graph what does the gradient show us
    How fast the object is travelling . This is because the gradient is the change in distance (vertical axis) divided by the change in time (horizontal axis)
  8. on a distance time graph the gradient = 
  9. On a distance time graph flat sections are where the object is 
  10. On a distance time graph straight uphill or downhill means 
    It's travelling at a steady speed 
  11. On a distance time graph downhill sections means
    It's going back to starting points 
  12. On a distance time graph curves
    Represent acceleration or deceleration 
  13. On a distance time graph a steeping curve means its 
    Speeding up 
  14. On a distance time graph a levelling off curve means its 
    slowing down
  15. Acceleration is 
    • How quickly velocity is changing 
    • this change in velocity can be a change in speed or change in direction or both 
  16. what is the formula for acceleration
    • Change in velocity
    • -----------------------
    • time taken 


    • (v - u) 
    • ---------- 
    •  t 
    • here v is tye final velocity and u is the initial velocity
  17. What are the units of acceleration
    • m/s ^2
    • acceleartion is the change inn velocity (m/s) per second (s)
  18. A skulling cat accelerates from 2m/s to 6m/s in 5.6s find its acceleration
    A = (v-u) / t
  19. Label the graph from left to right on the top and then left to right on the bottom 
    Image Upload 2
    • Steady speed 
    • steady speed 
    • acceleation 
    • increasing acceleration
    • dece
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