Biology Glycolysis

  1. a.      Glycolysis releases less than a quarter of the chemical energy in glucose that can be released by cells; most of the energy remains in__
     the two molecules of pyruvate
  2.                                                               i.      With molecular oxygen,what does pyruvate do?
                                                                ii.      Glycolysis produces __net ATP molecules
    •  the pyruvate enters a mitochondrion, where the oxidation of glucose is completed
    • two
  3. a.      Pyruvate enters mitochondria (__transport)à converted to __
    • active
    • acetyl CoA
  4. The conversion of pyruvate serves what purpose?
    links glycolysis and the CAC and is carried out by a multienzyme complex in three steps
  5. What are the three steps of the linker reaction?
    • 1.      Pyruvate’s carboxyl group, which is already fully oxidized and has little chemical energy, is removed and given off as a molecule of CO2
    • 2.      The remaining two- carbon fragment is oxidized, forming acetate. The extracted electrons are transferred to NAD+, storing energy in NADH
    • 3.      Coenzyme A is attached via its sulfur atom to acetate, forming acetyl CoA
  6. Is the linker reaction exergonic or endergonic?
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