Integumentary System 1

  1. Serous Membrane
    Lines body cavities that lack openings to the outside
  2. Serous Memebrane
    Secretes watery serious fluids which helps lubricate
  3. Mucous Membrane
    Lines cavities and fluids that do have openings to the outside
  4. Mucous Membrane
    Secretes mucous
  5. Cutaneous Membrane
    Organ known as skin
  6. Synovial Membrane
    From the inner linings of the joint activities between the ends of bones at freely movable joints
  7. Synovial Membrane
    Secretes a thick, colorless synovial fluid to secrete joints
  8. Skin
    Large organ
  9. Skin
    Plays a vital role in homeostasis
  10. Skin
  11. Skin
    Prevents water loss from deep tissues
  12. Skin
    Houses sensory organs
  13. Skin
    Synthesizes biochemicals ( Vitamin D)
  14. Skin
    secretes small quantities of waste
  15. ( Two Distinct Layers)
    Outer layer composed of stratified squamos
  16. (Two Distinct Layers)
    Inner layer
  17. (Two Distinct Layers)
    Thicker than epidermis
  18. (Two Distinct Layers)
    Includes connective tissue, epithelial tissue, smooth muscle, nerve tissue and blood
  19. Basement Membrane
    Anchors the epidermis to the dermis and seperates these two layers
  20. Subcutaneous Layer
    • Beneath the dermis
    • (not a true layer of skin)
  21. Basement Membrane
    It's composed of loose connective tissues and adipose
  22. Epidermis
    Composed of different layers
  23. Epidermis
    No blood fluid in the ....
  24. Dermal Layer
    Epidermal cells with the highest metablic demands are found closest to the....
  25. Dermal Layer
    Where the diffusion distance is shorter
  26. Dermis
    Dominated by keratinocytes
  27. Thin skin
    Covers most of the body surfaces
  28. Think skin
    Contains 4 layers of keratinocytes
  29. Thin skin
    is about as thick as the wall of a plastic bag (0.08mm)
  30. Thick skin
    found in the palms and soles
  31. Thick skin
    contains 5 layers of keratinocytes
  32. Thick skin
    is about as thick as a paper towel (0.5mm)
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