1. swank
    to show; swagger; boast
  2. swarthy
    of a dark color, complexion or cast
  3. tack
    a small short sharp pointed nail having a broad flat head
  4. tautological
    containing needless repetition of an idea; redundant
  5. tendinous
    consisting of tendons
  6. tipple
    v. to drink alcoholic beverages frequently

    n. alcoholic drink
  7. tousle
    to dishevel; rumple
  8. traduce
    to slander or defame
  9. trammel
    to enmesh, prevent or impede
  10. tresses
    the long unbounded hair of a woman
  11. tribulation
    distress of suffering from oppression or persecution
  12. truant
    adj. shirking responsibility

    n. one who shirks duty
  13. trumpery
    showy but of little value
  14. twaddle
    silly idle talk; drivel
  15. ursine
    of or relating to a bear
  16. uxorious
    excessively fond of or submissive to a wife
  17. valetudinarian
    a person who is unduly anxious about their health.
  18. ventral
  19. viand
    provisions; food
  20. vim
    energy or vigor
  21. virago
    a loud overbearing woman
  22. vitrieous
    pertaining to or resembling glass
  23. wangle
    to achieve by cleverness or trick
  24. welsh
    to avoid payment; to break one's word
  25. winkle
    to get somebody out slowly and with difficulty
  26. yaw
    to deviate erratically from a course
  27. sanatorium
    sanitarium; a quiet resort
  28. sangfroid
    cool self-possession or composure
  29. sardonic
    disdainfully sneering, ironic, or sarcastic
  30. scabrous
    rough with small points or knobs; scabby
  31. scamper
    to run nimbly and playfully about
  32. scarp
    steep slope; escarpment
  33. screed
    a lengthy discourse
  34. scrumptious
    delightful; delicious
  35. scutter
    to move in or as if in a brisk pace
  36. scuttle
    hatchway of a ship
  37. sententious
    abounding in excessive moralizing; terse; pithy
  38. sequacious
    intellectually servile
  39. sequela
    sth. that happens as a result of a previous evert; an aftereffect of disease, condition, or injury
  40. shibboleth
    truism; platitude
  41. skittish
    capricious; frivolous; not serious
  42. skullduggery
    underhanded or unscrupulous behavior
  43. slapdash
    haphazard; slipshod
  44. sleazy
    shabby and dirty; flimsy; insubstantial
  45. sleight
    dexterity; skill
  46. slobber
    saliva drooled from the mouth
  47. slump
    to fall or sink suddenly
  48. snappy
    marked by vigor or liveliness; stylish, smart
  49. snuggle
    to draw close for comfort or in affection
  50. sojourn
    a temporary stay
  51. somnolent
    drowsy; likely to induce sleep
  52. speleology
    the scientific study or exploration of caves
  53. spoor
    a trail, a scent, or droppings of wild animal
  54. spunk
    mettle; pluck
  55. spurn
    disdainful rejection
  56. straggle
    to stray; to drop behind; to grow or spread in a messy way
  57. stupendous
    of amazing size or greatness; tremendous
  58. subvention
    to provision of assistance or financial support
  59. sully
    to make soiled or tarnished; defile
  60. bumpkinly
    an awkward and unsophisticated rustic
  61. chaperone
    an old woman accompanying young unmarried women in public
  62. epistolary
    written in the form of letters
  63. gag
    prank; trick
  64. hardihood
    resolute courage and fortitude; temerity
  65. madcap
    imprudent; to be marked by capriciousness or recklessness
  66. pat
    exactly suited to a purpose or occasion
  67. proscenuim
  68. scrimp
    to be frugal or stingy
  69. spoilsport
    one who spoils the pleasure of others
  70. staunch
    steadfast; faithful
  71. traipse
    to walk without apparent plan; to wander
  72. willy-nilly
    without choice; in a haphazard manner
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