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  1. Which herb is good for Frontal HA?
    Bai Zhi
  2. Which herb is good for Temporal HA?
    Chai Hu
  3. Which herb is good for occipital HA?
    Qiang Huo
  4. Which herb is good for vertex HA?
    Gao Ben
  5. Ma Huang enters what channels?
    UB & LU
  6. Toxic herbs are which?
    Ban Xia, Fu Zi, Bai Gao
  7. Spleen ascends?
  8. Sea of Blood?
  9. Where is the motor point on the scalp?
    0.5 cun posterior to themidline
  10. Earlobe contains which points?
    Head and face
  11. Point that will be used with LU 7 for Asthma & Cough?
  12. Slippery pulse suggests?
  13. When ST Qi moves in the opposite direction, it will cause?
  14. Extraordinary Yang/Fu Organ
    Function like yin organs butthey’re like yang organs
  15. Body fluids?
  16. 1 Qing is equal to
    3 grams
  17. Red face, red tongue, front part of neck all associated with?
    Anger & GB
  18. Pale, flabby tongue with teeth marks on sides & moist white coating?
    Yang Deficiency
  19. Night sweating?
    Yin Def.
  20. Wine processed herbs has an effect of?
    nourishing, blood invigorating
  21. Channels that are linked with KD are
  22. KD, LU, & LV; NOT SP
  23. This branch arises from the retroarticular region, then exits & passes through the prearticular region
  24. Foot of Shaoyang
  25. Function of regulating movement of lower extremities as well as opening & closing of eyelids? 
  26. Yingqiao and Yangqiao (Yin and Yang Heels)) 
  27. Amylase found in what?
  28. Starch
  29. LV 6, how many cun up the lateral malleolus?    
    7 Cun
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