LA Sx, Q3, III

  1. most inguinal hernias are usually what type of hernia?
    indirect- peritoneum intact
  2. What is a direct hernia?
    bowel goes thru break in peritoneum
  3. Post-breeding hernias in stallions are usually what type?
    acute irreducible inguinal hernias
  4. Should a foal that has a congenital scrotal hernia be castrated?
    yes- it is an inherited trait we dont want to pass along
  5. If a foal had a congenital scrotal hernia at birth and then it later corrected on its own, what problem can still arive at the time of castration?
    hernias are more likely to occur post-castration
  6. Does a chronic redicuible inguinal hernia have to be repaired?
    no- repair is elective
  7. What is a problem with stallions and bulls that have chronic redicible inguinal hernias?
    reduced fertility because testicle temp increased
  8. In what species are chronic reducible inguinal hernias genetic? Which do we surgically correct?
    • genetic in horses and swine- dont correct, castrate!
    • cattle- not genetic, can sx repair and keep breeding
  9. In a bull is the right or left inguinal ring usually bigger? and why?
    • left ring usually larger
    • b/c they usually lie down on right leg with left extended out
  10. Is the resection and anastamosis of dead intestine usually done thru the same incision as the hernia repair?
    no- fix hernia and then do ventral midline incision for resection and anastamosis
  11. in stallions with unilateral inguinal hernia what do we usually close? and do we castrate?
    • close external inguinal ring
    • unilateral castration
  12. The scrotum of a bull with a chronic hernia has what shape?
  13. Can stallions with chronic inguinal hernias show slight rear limb lameness
  14. When performing an ischial urethrotomy is the horse standing or in dorsal recumbancy?
  15. Where is the incision made in an ischial urethrotomy?
    midline just below anal sphincter
  16. T or F: passing a catheter makes an ischial urethrotomy procedure ALOT easier
    true- otherwise its very hard to find urethra
  17. The urethra is very distendable in what area of the male urinary system?
    pelvic urethra is very distendable
  18. Do we usually close an ischial urethrotomy incision?
    no- left to close by second intention
  19. What special post-op management do we need after a stallion with an ischial urethrotomy?
    none- simple procedure with few post op complications
  20. If calculi are too large to remove by an ischial urethrotomy, what procedure can be performed?
    pararectal cystotomy
  21. In a horse is the neck of the bladder in the peritoneal cavity?
    no- neck is outside peritoneal cavity
  22. In a pararectal cystotomy with an abdominal approach what is the biggest risk?
    abdominal comtamination
  23. Is the incision for a pararectal cystotomy closed with suture?
    no- left to heal as an open wound
  24. What are the 4 ways stallions/geldings commonly injure their penis?
    • 1. kicks- esp in breeding
    • 2. mare not ready to breed and moves
    • 3. jumping and not making it over a fence or partition
    • 4. poorly managed stallion ring
  25. Paraphimosis happens more in stallions or bulls? what is it?
    • stallions
    • distended penis ouside prepuce
  26. Paraphimosis can be caused by what 2 growths/enlargements?
    • 1. cutaneous habronemiasis
    • 2. other masses/tumors/neoplasia
  27. What is the most helpful thing an owner can do for a horse with paraphimosis?
    massage- rubbing emollient into penis until gone, about 20 mins
  28. What is one method of correcting paraphimosis that is no longer recommended and why?
    • purse string suture on external prepuce to help penis in
    • dont use because suture will rip- not we have open wound!
  29. What is the "humburg method"/best way of treating paraphimosis?
    hollow plastic jug with padded edges shoved up prepuce holding penis in, tape this to the patient securely
  30. With treatment paraphimosis will probobly resolve when?
    24 hours
  31. Phimosis is more common in stallions or bulls? what is it?
    • Bulls
    • swelling of penis/prepuce that holds penis inside
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LA Sx, Q3, III
LA Sx, Q3, III