LA Sx, Q3, IV

  1. What are 2 things that cause penile paralysis?
    • 1. Phenothiazine tranquilizers
    • 2. failure to treat paraphimosis
  2. What is priapism?
    an erection that wont go away
  3. What is the surgical correction for priapsm?
    • communication made b/w c.cavernosum and c. spingiosum so blood can drain
    • (erection not possible after this)
  4. What is reefing?
    circumcision in stallion
  5. What kind of growths on penis do i treat with reefing?
    ones that do NOT extend deeper than dermis
  6. Do we need a torniquet and catheter for reefing surgery?
    no- not necessary
  7. How do we close a reefing surgery?
    2 layers- superficial fascia and skin
  8. What is a post-op complication from a reefing surgery?
    hematoma- make drainage now
  9. What must we prevent post-op reefing sx?
    masturbation and erections
  10. When do we amputate the penis?
    • carcinomas- going deeper than dermis
    • penile paralysis
  11. When preparing to amputate the penis what MUST(!!!) we do?
    catheterize- always have to be able to locate urethra!
  12. When suturing the urethra mucosa to the skin what are we trying to prevent? and how?
    • strictures
    • leaving a LARGE ventral opening of urethra after amputation
  13. In penile amputation of stallion if I cut too much off what is the problem?
    patient urinates inside the prepuce- urine calding
  14. Is it normal for a bull to urinate inside the prepuce?
    yes- long hairs at end of prepuce help urine drain away and prevent urine scalding
  15. What is the Vinsot technique for partial phallectomy?
    • using a bander distal to the urethrotomy site
    • distal penis is sloughed off
    • wound healed by second intention
  16. When do we use the Boltz Technique for penis retraction?
    paralysis of penis
  17. For penis retraction sx- what happens if we leave the penis too short? too long?
    • too short- urine scalding
    • too long- injury/cuts/sunburn (SCC)
  18. What is a key structure to identify when performing a penile retraction surgery?
    must find the preputial reflection- we suture thru this bilaterally
  19. At the end of penile retraction surgery where do we want the glans penis to be?
    right at the prepucial orifice
  20. What is the best way to make sure the penis is properly placed in a penile retraction sx?
    using suture thru large tubing- adjust the tightness of suture and therefore placement of penis once animal is standing after surgery
  21. What adhesion do we WANT to happen in penile retraction surgery?
    adhesion between prepuce and skin- to maintain this retracted position
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LA Sx, Q3, IV
LA Sx, Q3, IV