mac support essentials chapter 2

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  2. "What are the five types of user accounts in Lion? How are they different?"
    "Standard is the default account type; administrative users can make changes to the system; a guest user doesn't require a password; sharing only users can access only shared files; and the root user has unlimited access."
  3. "What are account attributes?"
    "Account attributes are the individual pieces of information that define a user account. Examples include full name
  4. "How can you restrict a user account from having full access to all applications?"
    "Parental controls can be used to further limit a user account. Examples include enforcing a simple Finder
  5. "What are some security risks associated with each type of user account?"
    "Standard user accounts are very secure
  6. "What default folders make up a user's home folder? What are some optional folders in a user's home folder?"
    "The default folders in a user's home folder are Desktop
  7. "What types of resource contention issues can occur when fast user switching is enabled?"
    "Resource contention occurs when fast user switching is enabled and a user tries to access an item that another user has open in the background. Document contention occurs when a user attempts to open a document that another user has already opened. Peripheral contention occurs when a user attempts to access a peripheral that's already in use by another user's open application. Application contention occurs when the second user attempts to access an application that's designed to run only once on a system."
  8. "What security risk is associated with fast user switching?"
    "When fast user switching is enabled
  9. "What does a keychain do?"
    "A keychain is an encrypted file that securely saves passwords
  10. "How does Legacy FileVault secure a user's data?"
    "Legacy FileVault stores the user's home folder in an encrypted disk image. This disk image is accessible only by the Legacy FileVault user."
  11. "How does resetting the Master password affect existing Legacy FileVault user accounts?"
    "If a known Master password is reset using the Security & Privacy preferences
  12. "How does resetting a user's password as an administrative user affect that user's keychains?"
    "If an administrative user resets another user's account"
  13. "How does the Firmware Password Utility help prevent users from making unauthorized password changes?"
    "The Firmware Password Utility prevents users from starting up from another system drive
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