Surgical equipment

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    mosquito hemostats
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    Needle for taking blood measured in guage
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    I.V Catheter needle measured in guage
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    vacutainers for blood collection, put into a machine and spun down for liquid and whole blood
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    pill popper, for giving pills down back of throat or through side of mouth
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    pill vials measured in drams
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    Butterfly I.v Catheter for withdrawing fluids and blood, aspirations and anesthinia
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    Culture swab, for taking tests and putting through a culture test in a lab.
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    stethoscope, for auscultation (listening to sounds within the body)
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    glucotest, test for sugar in the urine
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    pill splitter, for splitting pills in half and quarters
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    exam gloves
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    multistix, to test urine
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    Chemstrip BG, Measure blood glucose
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    60cc syringe for drawing and inserting fluids into I.V bag or attatch a needle and insert SubQ fluids
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    Feeding tube, Inserted through nose, down the esophagus and taped up and over the face
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    lactated ringers solution, I.V fluid bag
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    • I.V Administration set. Micro up to 10kg¬†
    • comes in micro and macro
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    Schirmer tear test, measures tear production. Place under bottom eye lid and remove to test how many tears the lacrimal glands are creating
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    cat urinary catheter, inserted into bladder to withdraw urine.
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    Bandage scissors, flat edge against body and cut bandage
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    Histology container, contains product that preserves the removed object to be taken to a lab and sliced into (example tumor )
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    Biopsy Punch, for taking sample of tissue, punch has sharop cutting edge
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    soft paws, apply to cat nails with adhesive to stop the car from scratching and other things
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    Dog urinary catheters
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    Slide mailers, for placing a test to look at under a microscope
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    nail clippers
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    Hair ball removed from cats G.I tract
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    Silver nitrate sticks to cauterize the nail when quicked . handle with gloves and do not get on surfaces of clothes as will stain, keep in a light sensitive enviroment or it will deactive them
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    suture material with taper needle
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    oral rinse
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    fungassay test, place test in dark place and leave tube slightly cracked open to let oxygen circulate. colour change in tube due to precence of fungus or bacteria
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    Toothpaste and dental products
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    Roundworms, hematodes parasite.
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    Dental scaler, for scraping the plac off of the teeth
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    Fecalizer, For a fecal flotation test, the mix of a salt mixture with feces and should show eggs at top of mixture
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    Ticks, blood sucking parasite, carry lymes disease.
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    Flea Dirt, dead skin, eggs and fleas caught in a flea comb
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    Bladder stones, a build up of calcium in the urine which crystalises and builds up like a gobstobber and constricts the urine making it painful and less of it.
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    Autoclave indicators, indicates if the centre of the autoclave pack was heated to the perfect temperature at the centre
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    Autoclave tape, tape that goes on the outside of a surgical pack which changes colour when the pack has been heated to right temperature
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    Dosimeterm Measures radiation exposure over time and will tell you when you have had to much radiation in a certain amount of time.
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    Endotracheal tube, measured in millimeters. Inserted into the trachea and administers oxygen and anesthetic. has a cuff which inflates in lung causing a seal which stops stomach contents from coming up and gas leaking out into the atmosphere.
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    Telfa pads, non stick bandage pads. primary bandage layer
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    secondary bandage layer, kling wrap
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    Surgical mask, for use during surgery and incubation 
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    Scaple handle, attatch a blade to this for surgery
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    Desposible scapel blade
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    needle driver
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    mayo scissors
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    metzenbaum scissors
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    Towel clamp
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    Iris scissors
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    thumb triceps
  55. Image Upload 55
    suture scissors
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