Bio 40a chapter 4

  1. Define tissue
    tissue is a group of similar cells that usually have a common embryonic origin and function to carry out out especialized functions
  2. Name the four basic types of tissue
    • 1-epithelial tissue
    • 2-connective tissue
    • 3-muscle tissue
    • 4-nervous tissue
  3. Name, describe and list functions of tight junctions
    • Tight junctions consist of web-like strands proteins, junctions inhibit leaking in the bloodstream. They can be found in stomach, intestines and bladder. 
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  4. Name, describe and list functions of Adherens junctions
    • Adherens junction contain plaque, a dense of proteins on the inside of the plasma membrane that attached to proteins and microfilaments of the cytoskeleton. Cadherins jon the cells
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Bio 40a chapter 4
bio 40a chapter 4