BUS103 8

  1. market research process
    • define problem
    • conduct exploratory research
    • formulate hypothesis
    • create research design
    • collect data ¬†- 1st and 2nd
    • interpret and present
  2. exploratory research
    process of discussing marketing problem with informed sources both within and outside the firm and examining info from secondary sources
  3. sampling
    process of selecting survey respondents or research participants
  4. population
    totoal group that researchers want to study
  5. sampling techniques
    • simple random - every has chance, basic
    • stratified sample - small of whole
    • cluster - takes one layer total
    • convienence - nonprobability, those ready
    • quota - nonprobability, dividied to maintain certain characterisitics
  6. primary research methods
    • observation
    • surveys
    • controlled experiments
  7. focus group
    simultaneous personal interview of a small group of individual sthat relies on group discussion about a certain topic, intimidation, say what they think want ot be heard
  8. online surveys
    pro - soeed, increase sample size, no geographic boundires, reduce cost, less intrusive
  9. interpretive research
    observes a customer or group in natural settings and then interprets their behavior based on an understanding 
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