1. New York Worlds Fair: World of Tommorow
    • -Grover Whelen, president of fair
    • -Time capsule- included baseballs from magazines and books(5000 years)
    • -George Washington comes to town- 150th anniversary
    • -Albert Einstein turning on lights ceremony
    • - Pres FDR gave opening day speech
    • -75 cents to get in, 25 cents for guidebook
    • -amusement section
    • -buttons that say I have seen the future
    • -Attractions- futurama in general motors building
    • - naked girls
    • -dancing shows
  2. Benny Goodman
    • brought swing style to american popular music
    • white
    • "king of swing"
    • clarinet player
    • *moonglow
    • *ridin high
  3. Gene Kruppa
    drummer in Benny Goodmans band
  4. Teddy Wilson
    pianist in benny goodmans band- black- goodman never took band on stage bcuz of this
  5. Lional Hampton
    Played vibrophone in Goodmans band- "Moonglow"
  6. Harry James
    trumpet player, was in goodmans band--wants to start his own band-- goodman helps-- succeeds. Frank sinatra sang with his band *all or nothing at all
  7. Tommy Dorsey
    • played trumpet/trombone
    • "marie" sung by sinatra
  8. Jimmy Dorsey
    played saxophone-- was in tommys band but went separate ways-- rivalry
  9. Glenn Miller
    • trombone player
    • jazzy feel
    • played in army
    • plane crash
    • "in the mood"
  10. Cole Porter
    • wealthy/gay lifestyle-- married woman--- lived luxarious life
    • wrote broadway songs for ethel merman
    • "another openin, another show"
  11. Richard Rogers
    • american compser of broadway shows-- worked with hammerstein and hart
    • "the lady is a tramp" with hart from babes in arms
    • "younger than springtime" with hammerstein
  12. Lorenz Hart
    • just writes lyrics w/hammerstein
    • -ugly
    • -depressed, gets sick
    • -stops working with hammerstein
  13. Oscar Hammerstein
    • songwriter who approached Richard Rogers-- do show called "oklahoma" BIG HIT
    • *younger than springtime
  14. Alan Jay Lerner
    • music writer
    • shows include my fair lady and brigadoon
    • *I could have danced all night
  15. Frederick Loewe
    song plugger among many jobs... writes songs with Alen jay lerner
  16. Frank Loesser
    • Wrote song after pearl harbor "praise the lord and pass the ammunition" POPULAR-- limited to plays on radio
    • after war-- asked to do shows
  17. Jule Stein
    • songwriter who always worked with other composers such as stephen sondheim
    • "everythings coming up roses"
  18. Erich Wolfgang Korngold
    • child prodigy composer from hungary, fleed to america
    • brought symphonic sound to hollywood movies(robin hood)
    • *Captain Blood theme song
  19. Irving Berlin
    comes back to broadway-- writes military show-- businessman
  20. Bubsy Berkely
    • choreographer in hollywood-- the best-- like ziegfield shows-- start of lip syncing
    • made movie about ziegfield
    • "the great ziegfeld"
  21. Fred Astaire
    • dancer/singer in hollywood
    • worked with ginger rogers alot among other women
  22. Ginger Rogers
    • singer/ dancer in hollywood
    • big in 30`s
    • worked with Astaire a lot
  23. Max Steiner
    • wrote movie scores for warner bros
    • "gone with the wind"
  24. Miklos Rosza
    • Hungarian violinist
    • fleed to america
    • composed in hollywood(dark films) film noir
  25. Samuel Barber
    • american traditional composer
    • known for operas
    • "adagio for strings"
    • "piano concerto"(3rd movement)
  26. Gian-Carlo Menotti
    • American traditional composer
    • writes opera after opera
    • "now our lips say goodbye"
  27. Stan Kenton
    • Jazz orchestra leader
    • played piano and composed
    • "artistry in rhythm"
  28. Charlie Parker
    • saxophone player for dizzie gillepsie
    • heoin addict
    • be-bop
    • "shaw nuff"
  29. Dizzy Gillepsie
    • trumpet player and band leader
    • "cool jazz"
    • **shaw nuff on tape
  30. Thelonious Monk
    jazz pianist and composer
  31. Dave Brubeck
    • white pianist-- brubeck quartet
    • National icon-- remakes face of jazz
    • "progressive jazz style"
  32. Avant garde
    • experimental or innovative style of music
    • people who pushed the envelope
    • "john cage, phillip glass, charles ives, edgard varese, elliot carter"
  33. Charles Ives
    • Avant garde composer
    • *piano sonata No. 2(concord Mass.)
  34. Mental Hygiene Films
    comedy films meant to teach people safety in driving from how to act on dates
  35. Edgard Varese
    • Avant gard composer
    • *ionisation-- all percussion on tape
  36. John Cage
    • Avant garde composer
    • known for 4`33
    • **sonata for prepared piano
  37. Philip glass
    • played sitar
    • avant garde composer
    • **satyagraha act 3
  38. Stephen Sondheim
    • savior of broadway musicals
    • composer/writer
    • grew up next to oscar hammerstein
    • *send in the clowns
    • *everythings coming up roses w/jule styne
  39. Swing
    • modern swing orchestra
    • -no strings
    • -trumpet section, trombone section, rhythm section, string base, 5 saxophones, maybe piano and guitar
    • -leaders in front of band
    • - often include soloist
    • -dancing
  40. Leonard Bernstein
    • composer of serious composition
    • director of NY philharmonic
    • did west side story
    • "glitter and be gay"
  41. vitaphone
    a phonographic record that synced with movies
  42. Thomas "fats" waller
    • jazz pianist/organist
    • taught by count basie
    • large man
    • drank alot
  43. Art Tatum
    • from toledo, ohio
    • jazz pianist-- greatest in sieks opinion
    • played without rhythm section, jazz soloist based now
    • "too marvelous for words"
    • "yesterdays"
  44. Elliot Carter
    • two time pulitzer prize winning composer
    • avante garde
    • influenced by copland
    • "piano concerto"
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