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  1. Axiety disorders
    • Characterized by a pattern of frequent, constant worry and anxiety over daily activties such as:
    • School, work, recreational activites, family activities
  2. Symptoms of Axiety disorders
    • difficulty concentrating
    • excessive anxiery or worry that is out fo proportion to the situation most of the time
    • excessive searting, palpitations, shortness of breath , and stomach/intesstional symptoms
    • fatigue
    • irritability
    • muscle tenstion,
    • restlessness
    • sleep distrubacnes
  3. Causes of Axiety disorders
    • genetic predispostions
    • head injury
    • hyperthryoidism
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • respiratory diseases
    • altered neurotranmitter levels
    • prescription drugs illicit drugs
  4. Types of anxietry disorders
    • panic disorder
    • generalized anxiety disorder
    • phobic disorders
    • social phobias
    • obsessive compulsive disorders
    • post tramatic stress disorder
  5. Treatment for Axiety disorders
    • Cognitive Behavorial therapy
    • anxiolytics
    • --benzodiazepines - enhances GABA receptor activation causing - therapeutic effect (anxiolytic) ; side effects (sedation, muscle relaxations, anticonvulsants, congnitive-impairment
    • Antidepressants (SSRIs, SNRIs
  6. Anorexia nervosa
    • anorexia mean lack of appetite
    • characteristic features of sufferers
    • -hungery but preoccupied with dieting, limiting food intake to the point of starvation, intensely fearful of gaining weight or becoming fat, anorectic to the point of becoing dangerously thin
  7. Bulimia nervosa
    • excessive concern wit body weight and physical shape
    • Characteritics include:
    • -binge eating
    • -rigorous dieting and exercise to prevent wieght gain
    • -feelings of loss of control during binge periods followed by intense distress and guilt
    • -Purging - self-induce vomiting, misuse of laxativies or diuretics
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