Module 6

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  1. What are the stages of the Nursing Process?
    • Assessing
    • Diagnosing
    • Planning
    • Implementing
    • Evaluating
  2. What is Implementing in the Nursing Process?
    • The first three nursing process phases provide the basis for the nursing actions performed durin the implementing step.
    • Provides the actual nursing activites and clients responses that are examined in the final phase, the evaluating phase.
    • The nurse can individualize the care given in the implementing phase with the data acquired during assessment.
  3. The Process of Implementing has several components, what are they?
    • Reassessing the client: Just before implementing an intervention, the nurse must reassess the client to make sure the intervention is still needed. New data may indicate a need to change the priorities of care or the nursing activites.
    • Determining the Nurse's need for assistance: Unable to implement the nursing activity safely or efficiently alone. assestance would reduce stress on the client, nurse lacks the knowledge or skills to implement a particular nursing activity.
    • Implementing the Nursing Interventions: Use evidence-based practice when these exist, understand the interventions and question anything not understood, adapt to each client, implement safe care, teaching support and comfort, be holistic, respect dignity and enhance self-esteem, encourage to participate actively in interventions.
    • Supervising Delegated Care: The nurse responsible for the client's overall care must ensure that the activities have been implemented according to the care plan if care was delegated.
    • Documenting Nursing Activities: The nurse completes the implementing phase by recording the interventions and client responses in the nursing progress notes, may record routine activities at the end of a shift, activities are communicated verbally as well as inwriting.
  4. What does a nurse need to implement the care plan successfully?
    • Cognitive skills: problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, and creativity.
    • Interpersonal skills: all of the activities, verbal and nonverbal, people use when interacting directly with one another. Necessary for all nursing activities; caring, comforting, advocating, referring, counseling, and supporting.
    • Technical skills: purposeful "hands-on" skills;manipulating equipment, giving infections, bandaging, moving, lifting,and repositioning clients.
  5. Implementing?
    consist of doing and documentingthe activities that are the specific nursing actions needed to carry out the interventions.
  6. ______ is a planned, ongoing, purposeful activity in whichclients and health care professionals determine the client's progress toward achievement of goals/outcomes and the effectiveness of the nursing care plan.
  7. State the aspects of Evaluating in the nursing process?
    • Was the goal achieved especially the long term goal
    • Assessing and nursing diagnosis must be accurate
    • Goals outcome must be stated behaviorally to be useful for evaluating
    • Without implementing phase, there would be nothing to evaluate
    • Evaluating and assessing phases overlap
  8. What are the evaluation process?
    • 1. Collecting data related to the desired outcomes: using the clearly stated, precise, and measurable desired outcomes as a guide, data leds to conclusions that can be drawn about wheter goals have been met.
    • 2. Comparing the data with outcomes: the goal was met, goal was partially met, or goal was not met
    • 3. Relating nursing activities to outcomes: determining whether the nursing activities had any relation to the outcomes.
    • 4. Drawing conclusions about problem status: uses the judgments about goal achievement to determine whether the care plan wasa effective in resoving, reducing, or preventing client problems.
    • 5. Continue the care plan if it is working towards the goal: The nurse modifies the care plan as indicated.
    • 6. The care plan is then terminated if successful: "discontinued"
  9. Modifying the Care Plan consist of what factors?
    • Critique each phase of the nursing process
    • Determine if the intervention/plan were carried out or unclear or unreasonable
    • The nurse modifies the care plan as indicated
    • Implement the modified plan
    • Begin nursing process again
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