Medical Terminology

  1. Absorption
    movement of nutrients from one layer to another
  2. Anastomosis
    connecting two tubular structures
  3. Amylase
    enzyme that breaks down starch
  4. Appendicitis
    inflammation of the appendix
  5. Atresia
    closed ducts or tubes
  6. Bariatrics
    specialty that treats obesity
  7. Cathartic
    agent that relieves constipation (laxatives)
  8. Cheiloplasty 
    surgical repair of the lips
  9. Cheilosis
    condition of the lips
  10. Cheilostomatoplasy
    repair of the lips and mouth
  11. Cheilotomy
    inscision into the lip
  12. Cholangiopancreatography
    process of taking x-ray of the biliary and pancreatic ducts using contrast media
  13. Cholecystograph
    x-ray picture of gallbladder (gram)
  14. Cirrhosis
    chronic liver disease causing loss of liver funcion and resistance to blood flow through the liver. Etiology may include poor nutrition, alcoholism, previous hepatitis. 
  15. Colic (colonic)
    pertaining to the colon
  16. Colocentesis
    surgical punticure of the colon to remove fluid 
  17. Coloclysis
    irrigation of the colon
  18. Colopexy
    surgical fixation of the colon
  19. Coloptosis
    prolapsed colon
  20. Colorectal
    pertaining to the colon and rectum
  21. Colostomy
    making a new opening (stoma) in the colon
  22. Constipation
    hard stool, infrequent bowel movements
  23. Diverticulitis 
    inflammation of the diverticula of the intestine
  24. Digestion
    breakdown of food
  25. Defectaion
    expelling feces
  26. Diverticulosis
    condition of having diverticula
  27. Dysentery
    inflammation of the intestin, pain, diarrhea
  28. Enterectasia
    stretching of the intestine
  29. Enterocele
    intestinal hernia
  30. Enterocentesis
    surgical puncture of the intestine to remove fluid. 
  31. Enteritis
    inflammation of the intestine
  32. Enteroclysis
    irrigation of the intestine
  33. Enteroplegia
    paralysis of the intestine
  34. Enteroptosis
    prolapse of the intestine
  35. Enterorrhagia
    hemmorrhage of the intestine
  36. Enteroscope
    Instrument for examining the intestine
  37. Epigastric
    upon the stomach
  38. Esophageal
    pertaining to the esophagus
  39. Esophagoduodenostomy
    anastomosis between the esophagus and duodenum
  40. Esophagostenosis
    narrowing of the esophagus
  41. Esophagogastric
    pertaining to the esophagus and stomach
  42. Feces
    stool, solid waste
  43. Gastrectasia
    dilation of the stomach
  44. Gastric
    pertaining to the stomach
  45. Gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  46. Gastroclysis
    irrigation of the stomach
  47. Gastroennteric
    pertaining to the stomach and intestin
  48. Gastroenterology
    the study of diseases of the stomach and intestines
  49. Gastroenteroptosis
    prolapse of stomach and intestine
  50. Gastrorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the stomach
  51. Gingival
    pertaining to the gums
  52. Gingivalgia
    gum pain
  53. Gingivectomy
    excision of the gums
  54. Gigivoglossitis
    inflammation of the gums and tongue
  55. Glossal
    pertaining to the tongue
  56. Glossalgia
    tongue pain
  57. Glossoplegia
    tongue paralysis
  58. Glossoptosis
    prolapse of the tongue
  59. Glossoscopy
    examination of the tongue with a scope
  60. Hepatectomy
    excision of the liver
  61. Hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  62. Hepatocele
    herniation of the liver
  63. Hepatodynia
    liver pain
  64. Hepatolith
    liver stone
  65. Hepatopathy
    any disease of the liver
  66. Hepatorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the liver
  67. Hepatorrhaphy
    suture of the liver
  68. Hepatoscope
    instrument for examining the liver
  69. Hepatoscopy
    process of using a hepatoscope
  70. Hypoglossal
    pertaining to below the tongue
  71. Ileocecal
    between the ileum and the cecum
  72. Ingestion
    swallowing, eating
  73. Linguogingival
    pertaining to the gums and tongue
  74. Lactase
    enzyme that breaks down lactose
  75. Lipase
    enzyme that breaks down fat
  76. Mastication
  77. Nausea
    feeling like one is going to vomit
  78. Obesity
    quality of being overweight
  79. Occult
  80. Pancreatectomy
    excision of the pancreas
  81. Pancreatic
    pertaining to the pancreas
  82. Pancreatolith
    stone in the pancreas
  83. Pancreatolysis
    destruction of pancreatic tissue
  84. Pancreatopathy
    any disease of the pancreas
  85. Paraesophageal
    around the esophagus
  86. Proctoclysis
    irrigation of the rectum and anus
  87. Proctologist
    physician specialist in diseases of the anus and rectum
  88. Proctopexy
    fixation of a prolapsed anus and rectum
  89. Proctoplegia
    paralysis of the rectum and anus
  90. Proctorrhaphy
    suture of the anus and rectum
  91. Proctoscope
    instrument for examining the anus and rectum
  92. Proctoscopy
    process of using a proctoscope
  93. Rectocele
    herniation of the rectum
  94. Rectoclysis
    irrigation of the rectum
  95. Rectocystotomy
    incision into the urinary bladder through the rectum
  96. Rectoplasty
    surgical repair of the rectum
  97. Rectorrhaphy
    suturing of the rectum
  98. Rectoscope
    instrument used to examine rectum 
  99. Rectoscopy
    process of using a rectoscope
  100. Rectourethral 
    Pertaining to the rectum and urethra
  101. Sigmoidoscope
    instrument for examining the sigmoid and large colon
  102. Splenectomy
    excision of the spleen
  103. Splenomegaly
    enlarged spleed
  104. Splenopathy
    any disease of the spleen
  105. Splenopexy
    fixation of a prolapsed spleen
  106. Splenoptosis
    Prolapsed spleen
  107. Splenorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the spleen
  108. Splenorrhaphy
    suturing of the spleen
  109. Stomatalgia
    mouth pain
  110. Stomatitis
    inflammation of the mouth
  111. Stomatomycosis
    fungal condition of the mouth
  112. Stomatopathy
    any disease of the mouth
  113. Stomatoplasty
    surgical repair of the mouth
  114. Stomatorrhagia
    hemorrhage of the mouth
  115. Stomatoscope
    instrument used to examine the mouth
  116. Stomatoscopy
    process of using a stomatoscope
  117. Ulcer
    craterlike sore
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