American Gov.

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  1. Ways to nominate
    • Self Anoucement
    • Caucus
    • Convention
    • Primary System
    • Petition
  2. Closed Primary
    only registered party members can vote to nominate the party's canidate
  3. Open Primary
    registered voters vote either way
  4. Coattail effect
    riding on the popularity of someone else
  5. Dates of elections
    Elections are held the Tuesday following the 1st Monday in November, in even years
  6. Media
    largest expenditures in campaign 
  7. FEC
    • Federal Elections Commission.
    • timely disclosure of funds,limits on contributions,limits on expenditures
  8. P.A.C
    • Political Action Committee
    • raise money for election
  9. limits on contributors
    Only $100 in cash, if given $200 must say time, place, and source, If given $5000 must report within 48 hours to FEC
  10. Austrailian Ballot
    (most common) Pinted at public expense, list candidates, given at polling places, vote in secret
  11. Office Group Ballot
    candidates listed by office
  12. Party Column Ballot
    candidates listed by party
  13. Sample Ballot
    Sample Ballot 
  14. Bedsheet Ballot
    covers everything
  15. Ballots
    Austrailian, Office Group, Party Column, Sample, Bedsheet
  16. Soft Money
    raised for the party
  17. 11th amendment
    suits against states
  18. 12th amendment
    election of President and vice President
  19. 13th amendment
    No slavery
  20. 14th amendment
    5th amendment up to state level
  21. 15th amendment
    right no matter race
  22. 16th amendment
    Income tax
  23. 17th amendment
    each state has 2 senators
  24. 18th amendment 
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