Seventh grade Inside Earth Section 1.4 Science quiz

  1. What technology did scientists use to map the mid-ocean ridge?
  2. What happens at the mid-ocean ridge?
    Sea-floor spreading
  3. What did drilling samples tell scientists?
    That the farther the rock was away from the mid-ocean ridge, the older it was.
  4. What did the submersible see when it observed the mid-ocean ridge?
    Volcanic rock shaped like toothpaste from out of a tube, or pillows
  5. What is subduction?
    When rock is pulled into a trench and into Earth's asthenosphere where it then melts and becomes part of the asthenosphere.
  6. What is sea-floor spreading?
    When magma from earth's asthenosphere comes out from a mid-atlantic ridge and adds to the sea floor
  7. what happens at a deep-ocean trench?
  8. Why is older crust denser than new crust?
    it is cooler
  9. What is the longest chain of mountains in the world?
    Mid-atlantic ridge
  10. What are the three types or evidence for sea-floor spreading?
    molten material, magnetic striped, and drilling samples
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Seventh grade Inside Earth Section 1.4 Science quiz
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