Spanish Tenses part one

  1. -an action that was totally completed in the past
    -an action completed at a definite, specific moment in the past
    the preterite tense
  2. -an action or event that lasted for a specific period of time
    -a series of action or events completed in the past
    -actions or events not ususally repeated
    preterite tense
  3. Preterit
    • e
    • aste
    • o
    • amos
    • aron
  4. Preterit
    • -i
    • -iste
    • -io
    • -imos
    • -ieron
  5. Preterit Irregular
    • e
    • iste
    • o
    • imos
    • ieron
  6. -to describe continuing, ongoing actions in the past
    -to indicate actions that took place on the regular basis, actions that were repeated, or were habitual or customary in the past
    imperfect tense
  7. Imperfect
    • aba
    • abas
    • aba
    • abamos
    • aban
  8. Imperfect
    • ia
    • ias
    • ia
    • iamos
    • ian
  9. -indicate actions that will take place at some point later on, viewed from the present
    future tense
  10. Future
    • e
    • as
    • a
    • emos
    • an
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Spanish Tenses part one
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