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  1. why is the aids epidemic such a challenge?
    It is such a challenge because many people are not educated on how you get it, howto prevent it and how to treat it. Religious values also make it a challengebecause since they are catholics, the use of birth control is not allowed.
  2. consequences of the slave trade?
    • - Led to hostility and war among the African people
    • - many Africans ran away from their homes
    • - many areas became depopulated               
    • - education and technology suffered
  3. Who were the Lost Boys, what happened to themand where are they from and why?
    Thelost boys of Sudan were separated from their families and fled southern Sudanin an exodus of biblical proportions when fighting intensified. Most werebetween 8 and 18 years old and from the Dinka or Nuer tribes. They were forcedto go to the Kakuma refugee camp and along the way, they faced attacks. Almosthalf died along the way.
  4. limitations of slash and burn?
    • -It takes several years for once used plots to become productive again               
    • - Requires a great deal of land               
    • - With population on the rise, the practice may not be possible in future since it doesn’t produce a large quality of agriculture               
    • - Short term answer to a long term problem             
    • - Effects the ecosystem and the environment
  5. What was the Great Trek, who did it and whatwere the results?
    A defining moment for the Boers in south Africa, they went 1,000 miles to getaway from the british so they could practice slavery and their ownculture/government. On this journey, they battled the Zulus and learnedguerilla warfare
  6. How was the government policies in Africaperpetuated the hunger situation?
    ManyAfrican nations have adapted economic policies that contribute to foodshortages and worsen hunger. Nations spent money to build western styleindustries, it led to debt and no economic growth. As the population in Africacities grew, the government tried to keep food prices low, but low food pricesreduce rural farmers incentive to increase production, which causes foodshortages.
  7. Describe the conflict in Rwanda and how Paul Rusesabagina’s character changed from the beginning of the conflict, till theend.
    The Hutu’s want to get rid of the Tutsi. Violence breaks out when the hutu’spresident’s plane is shot down. The Hutu’s blame the tutsi and the hutu beginto kill off the tutsi. In the beginning, paul is only concerned about protecting his family. Throughout the movie, with his wife’s encouragement, Paul wants to help save everybody. When he has the chance to get out, he doesn’tleave because he wants to help others. In the end, he successfully gets everyone out of the hotel and out into a safe shelter away from the fightinggrounds.
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