Africa Test

  1. barter?
    most African trade was in gold, ivory, skins and good while Europeans were tradingwith tobacco, cloth, alcohol and guns and ammo
  2. colonization
    • when a stronger country takes over a weaker nation              - the stronger country implements their government and culture
    • - they take resources and control land
    • - force the weaker nation to trade with the stronger nation
  3. river blindness prevention and treatment?
    • contracted by a black fly
    • prevent by taking pills, but most cant afford it
    • treatment is putting pesticides in water
  4. steven biko?
    • leader of the black conciousness movement
    • believed violence was justified to bring about change
  5. nelson mandella?
    practiced nonviolent disobedience
  6. WEB DuBouis
    organized several Pan-African congresses
  7. Zulus
    fought a fierce war with the boers
  8. what language did the zulus speak
  9. ghandi
    • fought for independence for india from the british
    • first to oppose afrikaners rule
  10. boers
    • aka afrikaners
    • what dutch settlers called themselves
  11. where were the dutch from?
  12. what did the boers believe?
    the bible justified slaves and superiority of europeans over peoples of noneuropean decent
  13. autonomous
    to govern yourself and make your own decision
  14. infrastructure
    basic technology for society to function effectively
  15. africas infrastructure?
    • roads are in despair
    • outdated technology
  16. sudan conflict
    muslim based government targeted black christians
  17. rwanda conflict
    hutu targeted the tutsi
  18. christians
    type of religion practiced by the dutch
  19. genocide
    mass killing of people for no reason
  20. apartheid
    a system of racism implemented in south Africa by the Boers that segregated allaspects of south African life
  21. subsistence
    farmers who use slash and burn to grow enough to live on but they have nothing extra
  22. guerilla warfare
    using the land to make weapons and fight
  23. nets
    used to protect people from malaria
  24. leaching
    the soil in much of Africa is not very fertile because of it
  25. who did the dutch east india company support?
    the boers
  26. Sovereign
    to govern yourself and make your own decisions
  27. berlin conference
    a conference held to divide up Africa based on European needs, but there were notAfrican representatives at this meeting
  28. pan african congress
    • was ignored by european powers
    • oranized by WEB Dubois
  29. uganda conflict?
    battle between the acholi (kony) in the north, versus the bantu in the south
  30. kony?
    apart of the genocide and stealing of children in uganda
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