1. What is a good way to encrypt an entire hard drive?
    symmetric algorithm
  2. Is “vampire tap” or “crosstalk” a problem most-often associated with UTP cable?
  3. What is a business impact assessment?
    Something which will provide management with a prioritized list of time critical business processes
  4. What does the AH provide you?
    it provides integrity
  5. When you log onto a network using a smartcard, you are using a ___ key.
  6. Is a smurf attack a “Bluetooth” threat?
  7. Doing an audit by running a password cracker to see of weak passwords are being used, is part of a ___.
    vulnerability assessment
  8. A KDC is used by ___.
  9. The two most important security considerations for selecting an antivirus product are: ___.
    frequency of signature updates; the number of viruses the software can detect
  10. The ___ is an area of the network infrastructure that allows a technician to place public-facing systems into it, without compromising the entire infrastructure.
    the DMZ
  11. What is a smurf attack?
    a DoS attack that floods a target server with pings
  12. What is a KDC?
    key distribution center
  13. Your system needs to support ___, if you want to receive digitally signed and encrypted email messages from a remote office.
  14. A security administrator recommends the network owner take actions to prevent future security incidents. These actions are called ___.
    risk mitigation
  15. It is best to use ___ when monitoring application activity and modification.
  16. What can be used to assist in the recovery of a crashed hard drive?
    forensics software
  17. Which redundancy solution does not provide live data: “hot site” or “warm site”?
    warm site
  18. A ___ is placed in promiscuous mode, in line with the data flow, to allow NIDS to monitor the traffic.
  19. Is it “service pack management” or “change management” to manage OS updates?
    change management
  20. How can you block users from accessing a few inappropriate websites as soon as possible, assuming the firewall already allows blocking by IP address?
    upgrade to a URL-based filter
  21. If you want notification when a hacking attempt is discovered, you can use ___.
  22. To avoid allowing spammers free access to their resources -- and to help stem the Internet's flow of spam -- administrators are urged to ___.
    turn off the relay option on their servers
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