1. REM sleep is initiated by a group of neurons in the _____ that secrete______.
    dorsal pons; acetylcholine
  2. Activation of the Ventral Lateral Preoptic Area results in
  3. Neurons in the ______ send axons to the spinal cord, and this pathway may be responsible for the muscular paralysis that accompanies REM sleep.
    magnocellular nucleus
  4. A rebound phenomenon
    occurs when REM sleep-deprived subjects are permitted to sleep normally.
  5. The waking EEG is characterized by .
    periods of alpha and beta activity.
  6. ______ neurons are found in the _______, and ______ neurons are found in the _______.
    Serotonergic; raphe nuclei; histaminergic; tuberomammillary nucleus
  7. During a cataplectic attack, the individual
    is overcome by muscular paralysis.
  8. Sleep apnea is
    the inability to sleep and breathe at the same time.
  9. A person afflicted with REM-sleep behavior disorder
    is not paralyzed during dreaming and acts out the dream.
  10. An important function of hypocretinergic neurons may be
    to stabilize the flip-flop circuit that controls sleep and waking.
  11. The right amount of sleep is
    whatever seems to be enough.
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