Passive Verbs

  1. iubere iussi
    to order 2nd
  2. adiuvare adiuvi
    to help 1st
  3. dicere dixi
    to say 3rd
  4. audire audivi
    to hear 4th
  5. petere petivi
    to look for 3rd
  6. ponere ponui
    to put 3rd
  7. dare dedi
    to give 1st
  8. relinquere relinqui
    to leave behind 3rd
  9. coquere coxi
    to cook 3rd
  10. facere feci
    to make/do 3rd io
  11. agere egi
    to do/drive 3rd
  12. finire finivi
    to finish 4th
  13. mittere misi
    to send 3rd
  14. ducere duxi
    to lead 3rd
  15. ferre tuli
    to bring/carry irreg
  16. iacere ieci
    to throw 3rd io
  17. custodire custodivi
    to gaurd 4th
  18. defendere defendi
    to defend 3rd
  19. vexare vexavi
    to annoy 1st
  20. videre visi
    to see 2nd
  21. tenere tenui
    to hold 2nd
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Passive Verbs