USMLE 2012

  1. Absence SZ
  2. Acute gout attack
    Nsaids, Colchine
  3. Acute promyelocytic leukemia ( M3
    All trans- retinonic acid
  4. Tx for ADHD
    Methylphenidate, amphetamines
  5. tx for Alcohol abuse
    AA + disulfram for patients and Al-anon for family
  6. tx 4 Alcohol withdrawal
  7. Tx for Anorexia
  8. Tx for Anticoagulation during preg
    Heparin ( happy with the fetus)
  9. Tx for anxiety
    Busiprone..( am so anxious of the bus)
  10. Tx for Arrthymia in damaged cardiac tissue
    Class 1B antiarrhymics ( LMT lidocaine, mexiletine, tocainide) I Bought Lidy's Mexican Tacos..
  11. Tx for B12 deficit and BPH
    Give B12,, for BPH give Tamsulosin or finasteride ( finally the prostate is gone)
  12. tx for bipolar d/o
    Lithium, Valproate, Cabamezepine, ( mood stabilizers)
  13. Tx for Breast CA in post meno woman
    Aromatase Inhibitor (anastrozole/exemestane)
  14. tx for Buergers' dz
    Smoking cessation.. just stop..
  15. Tx for Bulimia ( this is not a control issue) they eat and just throw  up.. look for enamel erosion and acid ridden knuckles. and likely mallory weiss tear (esophageal rupture) due to contious vomitting.
  16. Tx for Candida albicans
    Sytemic (amp B), Oral thrush, esophagitis ( nystatin)
  17. Tx for Carcinoid syndrome
  18. tx for Chlamydia Trachomatis
    Doxycyline (+ ceftriaxone for gonorrhea coinfection), erythromycin eye drops ( prophylaxis for infants)
  19. Tx for Chrnic gout
    Probencid (underexcretor), allopurinol ( overproducers)
  20. Tx for chronic hepatitis
  21. Tx for CML ( chrinic myelo leuk
  22. Tx for clostridium Botulism
    Antitoxin ( it is an anaerobe)
  23. Tx for clostridium difficle
    Oral metronidazole
  24. tx for Clostidium Tetani
    Antitoxin + vaccine booster + diazepam( muscle relaxant)
  25. Tx for Crohn's dz
    Corticosteriods, Influximab
  26. Tx for Cryptococcus Neoformans
    Fluconazole ( prophylaxis in Aids patients)
  27. Tx for Cystic fibrosis
    N-acetylcysteine + antipseudomonal prophylaxis (tobramycin/azithromycin)
  28. Tx for Cytomegalovirus ( sightomegalovirus) can cause retinitis in aids patients and in infants..
    Gancilcovir ( MOA preferentially inhibits viral DNA polymerase. "gang cylo hangs with the mega virus"
  29. Tx for Depression
    SSRI's ( first line)
  30. Tx for diabetes Insipidus
    Desmopressin (central), Hydrochlolothiazide, indomethacin, amiloride ( Nephrogenic)
  31. Tx for DM 1
    Dietary intervention( low sugar) + insulin replacement
  32. Tx for Dm 2
    Dietary intervention, oral hypoglycermic and insulin (possible)
  33. Pulmonary HTN
  34. Rickettisa rickettsi
    Tetracycline, Chlorampenicol ( esp in context of aplastic anemia)
  35. Ringworm Infections
    Terbaafine, Griseofluvin, imidazole
  36. Schizophrenia ( -ve sx's )
    5-HT 2A antag ( e.g olanazapine)
  37. Schizophrenia ( +ve sx's)
    D2 Receptor  antag
  38. SIADH
    Demeclocycline, Lithium
  39. SS Anemia
    Hydroxyurea ( increase HbF)
  40. Sporothrix Schenckii
    Oral KI
  41. Stable angina
    Sublingual Nitroglycerin
  42. Staph Aureus
    Methicillin / Naficillin
  43. Strep Bovis ( causes colon cancer)
    Pencillin Prophylaxis
  44. Strep pnenmo
    Penicillin/Cephalosporins (systemic infection, Pneumonia),vancomycin ( meningitis)
  45. Strep Pyogenes ( group A strep Bactracin sens)
    Pencillin Prophylaxis
  46. Temporal Arteritis
    High Dose Steriods
  47. Tonic-Clonic Sz's
    Phenytoin, Valproate, Carbamezepine
  48. Toxoplasma gondii
    Sulfonamide + Pyrimethamine
  49. Treponema pallidum
    Penicillin ( syphills)
  50. Trichomonas Vaginalis
    Metronidazole ( patient and partner)
  51. Ulcerative colitis
    5- ASA, Infliximab
  52. UTI- Prophylaxis
  53. Warfarin Toxicity
    Fresh Froxen Plasma ( acute), Vit K ( chronic)
  54. Wegners Granulomatosis
    Cyclophosphamide ( give mesna to remove metabolites), corticosteriods.
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