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  1. What are the 6 steps of the Request Management Cycle?
    • Develop Requirements
    • Develop SR Synchronization Plan
    • Support SR Integration
    • Disseminate Intelligence
    • Assess SR Operations
    • Update SR Plan
  2. What is the goal of target acquisition?
    To provide timely and accurate information to enhance the attack of the specific targets.
  3. What are the differences between an Intelligence Requirement and an Information Requirement?
    • An Intelligence Requirement is required by the commander and his staff and it will have a collection asset assigned.
    • An Information Requirement can be serviced by other means.
  4. What are Specific Information Requests (SIRs)? What do they do?
    SIRs are individual questions that help answer a PIR. They allow assets to be tasked to answer PIRs.
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