Biology magnet test

  1. Who was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and what is he famous for?
    He was a zoologist and forerunner of evolution. He was famous for his incorrect theories.
  2. Name Jean-Baptiste Lamarck's incorrect theroies.
    • 1. Simple life forms continually come into existence from dead matter
    • 2. Life forms continually become more complex or "perfect" 
    • as they transform into new species.
  3. What was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck's only correct theory?
    Change in species is linked to an organism's enviroment
  4. What did Thomas Malthus discover?
    • He realized that producing more offspring that can survive establishes competition among a species
    • -Populations grow as much as the enviroment allows
    • - Influenced Darwin and Wallace's theory of natural selection & Survival of Fittest
  5. Whar did Alfred Russel Wallace do?
    He co-published theory of natural selection/evolution
  6. What did Darwin refer to as "Descent with modification after seperating from a common anscestor"?
    When species resembled those of a nearby islands but had evolved differences.
  7. What does Natural Selection state:
    Natural Selection states that a struggle for life exsists causing individuals with favorable characteristics to survive while others would become extinct (also know as Survival of the Fittest)
  8. What are the 5 patterns of MacroEvolution?
    • 1.Mass Extinctions
    • 2.Adaptive radiation
    • 3.Convergent evolution
    • 4.Coevolution
    • 5.Punctuated equibrium and Gradualism
  9. What is mass extinction?
    When groups of species were wiped of the face of the earth. This changed ecosystems and food webs. New species also evolved afterwards. 
  10. What is adaptive radiation?
    Occurs when a single species gives rise to a number of new, different species. 

    Ex: Darwin's finches
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