Science- Ch25 Fuels

  1. What is a fuel?
    A fuel is a substance thats burns in oxygen to produce heat.
  2. What are the 3 conditions necessary for a fire to exist?
    • Fuel
    • Oxygen
    • Heat
  3. What are fossil fuels?
    Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.
  4. What are hydrocarbons?
    Hydrocarbons are compounds made up of hydrogen and carbon.
  5. When hydrocarbons are burned what is produced?
    Carbon dioxide and water.
  6. Give two examples of greenhouse gases in which are causing the earth to heat up.
    Carbon dioxide and methane.
  7. What causes acid rain?
    The burning of fossil fuels.
  8. What are the effects of acid rain?
    • Attacks limestone buildings and statues, causing them to erode.
    • Damages trees and washes minerals from the soil.
    • Causes minerals like aluminium to be washed into lakes where they poison fish.
  9. Name 4 ways to reduce the risk of acid rain and global warming.
    • Descreasing the use of fossil fuels and using alternatives like wind or solar energy instead.
    • Using low-sulfur fuels such as methane instead of coal, turf and oil which have higher sulfur levels.
    • Fitting catalytc converters in cars to remove pollutants.
    • Planting tress, which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
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