1. BMC: What is the meaning of the acronym for the mangement controller chip in the UCS blade servers.
    Baseboad Management Controller
  2. What is the term used to describe one or more blade chassis connected to the same fabric interconnects?
  3. B-250, C-250
    B-250: Full width, 1u, Cisco server, up to 2 Nehalem CPUs, 384GB memory w 8GB DIMMs.
  4. Scale Up is associated with?
    • Monolithic, multiprocessor servers. To scale, add hardware to the server.
    • Large failure domain (failure of a server impacts multiple apps and users)
  5. Scale Out is associated with?
    • Commodity servers. Often one app per server. Usually x86.
    • High power and cooling costs. Scale limited to one host. Usually apps don't scale "horizontally".
  6. Scale In is associated with?
    • Blade and other commodity hardware, things like GRID, VMware, etc.
    • Implementation complicated. Limited scale.
  7. What is hypervisor?
    • Software layer that abstracts physical hardware.
    • Creates individual virtualized hardware for each VM.
  8. What are some identifiers of a server?
    • Mac address
    • WWN
    • Firmware version
    • BIOS
    • UUID
  9. What is a "stateless server"?
    Server whose operating system and application personalities are not tied to the physical hardware. One way to make the server stateless is to use transportable, virtual, unique identifiers.
  10. What is a "server personality"?
    Server personality is the operating system configuration and application settings. This fully functional set of programs, files and settings is required to perform the given task of the server.
  11. What are some blade benefits?
    • Reduction in redundant equipment costs.
    • Power and cooling savings.
    • Shared switching cold reduce cabling.
    • Rapid hardware provisioning.
  12. What are some blade challenges?
    • Increased physical density may create power and cooling challenges
    • Increased compute density could increase bandwidth and cabling requirements.
    • Each chassis and local switching creates additional management points.
  13. ´╗┐Two Cisco UCS 6120/6140 Fabric Interconnects.
    • - Manage up to 320 blades and 40 chassis
    • - Consolidated I/O Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).
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