Review 6

  1. What is the fimbrae of E. coli responsible for?
    Adhesion to epithlelial cells, uroepithelial cells and enterocytes
  2. Eosinophils role in parasite
    They contain a Fc receptor that binds to Fc portion of IgE which leads to the release of major basic protein
  3. What deposits are seen with goodpastures subtype of RPGN
    IgG and C3 that deposit on the basement membrane
  4. What does inadequate recanalization of the uteropelvic junction lead to
    Fetal hydronephrosis
  5. What is the best treatment for an overactive bladder
  6. How does hypovolemia lead to an increased FF fraction
    • RPF decreases dramatically
    • angiotensin II causes constriction of the efferent arterioles which cause slight decrease in GFR therefore leading to an increased FF
  7. What is drained by the superficial inguinal LN
    cutaneous lymph form the umbilicus to the feet
  8. What is Group A strep sensitive to and what are 2 complications
    • Bacitracin sensitive
    • Rheumatic fever and APSGN
  9. Where does Renal clear cell carcinoma come from
    tubular epithelial cells
  10. ureters in relation to internal iliac
    Lateral to internal iliac and medial to gonadal vessels
  11. How is macrolide resistance built
    • acetylation
    • adenylation
    • phosphorylation
  12. Effect of ethylene glycol on the kidney
    Acute renal failure via precipitation of calcium oxalate crystals in renal tubules
  13. Which stones are radiolucent on x ray
    uric acid stones
  14. Fibroadenoma histo
    cellular (myxoid) stroma that encircles epithelium-lined glandular and cystic spaces
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