Ethics is Good Business

  1. Ethics
    A system or code of morals that provides a guide for living.
  2. Values
    Intrinsically valuable or desirable principles or qualities. Values are what really matter to us most. They reflect personal and societal beliefs.
  3. Morals
    A set of rules or mode of conduct on which society is based. Morals are established by society and conform to accepted notions of right and wrong.
  4. Integrity
    Adherence to a moral code in daily decision making. Honesty, sincerety, and reliabilty are key to integrity.
  5. Character
    A personality trait or pattern of behaviors that denotes moral strength. Character drives what an individual or a company does when nobody is looking. It involves a choice to act morally at all times.
  6. Conformity
    Adjustment in behavior in order to be consistent with behaviors of other people in one's environment.
  7. Commitment
    Assignment of greater importance to the needs of another than to the needs of the self.
  8. Fidelity
    Faithfulness and loyalty to a person or group.
  9. Corporate Culture
    The values and beliefs of a company, as expressed in the company's mission statement as well as through actions, especially from the top down.
  10. MVA (Market Value Added)
    The excess monetary value a company provides its shareholders over the total amount of their cumulative interests.
  11. Triple Bottom Line
    The corporate focus on profit, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.
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