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  1. Energy
    capacity to do work
  2. Calorie
    • heat need to raise 1 gram of water to 1*C at 1 atm pressure
    • ex. running 7 miles - 865 cal per hour
  3. Work
    • (force) x (distance)
    • energy expended by natural phenomenon
    • transference of energy produced by the motion of a point where force has been applied
  4. Potential Energy
    stored energy
  5. Kinetic Energy
    • active energy
    • energy currently being used
  6. Mechanical Energy
    • involves physical movement
    • anything held up against the force of gravity has potential energy
    • as obhect falls kinetic energy is being expended
  7. Chemical Energy
    • involves chemical bonds between atoms
    • energy stored in chemical bonds is a form of potential energy
    • breaking these bonds rapidly by combustion or more slowly by chemical reactions release kinetic energy
  8. Electrical Energy
    • involves the flow of electrical charge
    • concentration gradients of ions across a plasma membrane is a form of potential energy created in both nerve and muscle tissue
    • nerve impulses are kinetic energy released as the ions flow across the plasma membranes
  9. Radiant Energy
    light energy
  10. Short Wave Length
    carry more energy ---> damaging effects of: ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays
  11. Long Wave Lengths
    • carry less energy
    • infrared light = heat
    • less usable form of energy
  12. Energy Transformations
    • plants convert light energy to chemical energy via photosynthesis
    • muscles cells convert chemical energy to mechanical energy some of which becomes heat energy
  13. Law of Conservation of Matter
    matter is neither created nor destroyed 
  14. Law of Conservation of Energy
    • energy is neither created nor destroyed
    • energy input always equals energy output
  15. Law of Entropy
    • quality of usefulness of energy always decreases 
    • this degradation usually takes the form of heat energy lost to the surrounding environment
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