med chem quiz 8

  1. oral thienopyridine that irrereversibly inhibits ADP
    does not inhbit cAMP
    clopidigrel - plavix
  2. oral agent that irrereversible inhibits ADP binding to platelet receptor
    for acute coronary syndrome
    prodrug that bypasses CYP2C19 metabolism
    potential thrombotic thrombocytopenia prupura
    prasugrel - effient
  3. anti-platelet indicated for unstable angina and non-Q wave MI
    integrin receptor glycoprotein IIIb/IIa receptor blocker
    IV only with a longer half life
    contains sulpha
    tirofiban - aggrastat
  4. anti-platelet not to be administered in same line as furosemide because of its basic content
    peptide based drug - shorter half life
    IV only
  5. reversible anti-platelet for acute MI
    acts by monoclonal antibody blocker of integrin receptor
    administer IV stand alone line - no floaters
    most common side effect is bleeding
    abciximab - reopro
  6. anti-platelet that acts on thrombocytopenia
    acts at the bone site
    decreases megkaryocyte
    inhibits cAMP phoshpodiesterase IIIĀ 
    inhibits ADP and collagen induced platelet aggregation
    anagrelide - agylin
  7. anti-platelet used for intermittent claudication (periperal vascular disease)
    contraindicated in CHF patients
    phoshpodiesterase inhibitor
    smoking decreases by 20%
    cilostazol - pletal
  8. a complication of PCTA where the acute vessel recoils and post-injury arterial shrikage (constrictive remodleing)
    balloon angioplasty alone
  9. a complication of PCTA with an increase risk of sub-acute thrombosis that can result from a non-drug coated stent
  10. the main cause of drug coated stents that resis stenosis
    thrombotic occlusions because anti-platelet therapy is withdrawn to early
  11. material that was the first coating on a stent
  12. ST-segment elevation in leads V1,V2,V3,I,aVL
  13. aVR and ST segment depression in leads V4,V5,V6,II,III and a VF
  14. suicide substrate produced from metabolism of clopidogrel
    sufeneic acid
  15. any important point to remember about clopidogrel
    inform dentists if you are on
  16. avoid with the use of this with clopidogrel because of the CYP2C19 inhibition
    omeprazole (PPI's)
  17. what is exposed that causes platelet aggregation and restenosis
  18. anti-platelet prodrug used for the prevention of stroke and sickle cell disease
    used for those intolerant to ASA
    blood dyscrasias
    inhibits ADP-induced platelet fibrinogen (nonreversible)
    ticlopidine - ticlid
  19. what occurs physically to a coronary artery resulting in a myocardial infarction
    • occlusion from a blood clot
    • vasospasm
    • plaque buildup
  20. how do you resolve a blood clot in MI
    thrombotic therapy
  21. how do you remove plaque
    PCTA - percutaneous transluminal angioplasty
  22. complication where you puncture the blood vessel and mandate immediate coronary bypass surgery
    david letterman experience
  23. myocardial injury caused by the restoration of coronary blood flow AFTER an ischemic event
    myocardial re-perfusion injury
  24. CYP enzyme order of clopidogrel metabolism
  25. thrombotic therapy
    TPN, streptokinase, urokinase (kidney)
  26. no thrombus or occlusive plaque present "silent heart attack"
  27. intervention of radiation to prevent restenosis
    intravascular brachytherapy
  28. alternative to intravascular brachytherapy
    stent deployment
  29. which stents are more likely to produce late stent thrombosis
    DES > BMS
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