Therex Q4

  1. Fitness
    general term used to describe the ability to perform physical work
  2. Maximum Oxygen consumption
    Maximum amount of energy consumed during maximal effort
  3. Endurance
    ability to work for prolonged periods of time
  4. conditioning (aeorobic exercise training)
    a change of energy utilization of the muscle by means of an exercise regimen
  5. adaptation
    changes in the cardiovascular and muscular system to increase effeciency
  6. Myocardial Oxygen Consumption (mVO2)
    amount of oxygen consumed by the myocardial muscle
  7. Deconditioning
    decreased maximum O2 consumption, cardiac output, and muscle strength due to immobility
  8. Phosphate system
    anaerobic system that takes place within the first 30 seconds of exercise
  9. Anaerobi Glycolytic System
    ATP is synthesized within 30-60 seconds of exercise
  10. Aerobic System
    • Oxygen required
    • predominates over other energy systems
  11. 3 types of muscle
    • Slow twitch (type I): more endurance
    • Fast Twitch (Type IIb): power
    • Fast Twitch (Type IIa): properties of both
  12. What type of activity enhances anaerobic power?
    1-2 minutes repeated after 4-5 minute break
  13. What type of activity enhances aerobic power & endurance?
    maximum intensity 3-5 minutes; repeat
  14. What type of activity enhances endurance?
    submaximal activity for 20-30 minutes
  15. What is a kilocalorie?
    The amount of heat necessary to raise 1kg of water 1 degree celsius
  16. what is MET
    • oxygen consumed per kg of body weight per minute
    • 1 MET = 3.5 ml/kg per minute
    • Light work 1.6-3.9MET
    • Heavy Work 6.0-7.9MET
  17. equation for efficiency
    work output = force * distance
  18. Work input equals....
    energy expenditure expressed as net oxygen consumption per unit of time!
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