Lang./Lit. Odyssey Vocab

  1. ambrosial
    delectable, delicious, heavenly (Noun form is ambrosia)
  2. ardor
    fervor, passion, devotion (from a French verb meaning "to burn")
  3. avowal
    open acknowledgement, frank admission (The very bis avow, to confess or admit
  4. beetling
    projecting or overhanging, especially in a threatening way (related to eyebrows)
  5. beguiling
    attractive, alluring (The verb is beguile)
  6. brazen
    made of brass (but also bold, shameless, impertinent)
  7. carrion
    dead, rotting flesh, such as an animal carcass
  8. chrism
    consecrated oil mixed with balsam (an herb) and used in religious rituals (also spelled chrisom)
  9. combers
    long waves that have reached their peak and broken into foam
  10. contrived
    forced, artificial, strained, phony (The very is contrive)
  11. courier
    messenger, envoy, someone who quickly delivers something important
  12. cuirass
    battle armor (usually hard leather) which covers the chest and back
  13. disconsolate
    sad, gloomy, hopeless, inconsolable
  14. dithering
    behaving in a nervous, agitated, or indecisive manner (The verb is dither)
  15. foreboding
    a strong feeling that something bad will happen
  16. formidable
    intimidating, awesome, poewrful
  17. gall
    bitterness of spirit, resentment, a sarcastic attitude
  18. gorge
    deep cleft, stomach, any gaping place, to overeat (from a middle English word meaning "throat")
  19. guile
    cunning, skillful deceit (The adjective is guileful)
  20. harried
    harassed, annoyed, repeatedly attacked (The verb is harry)
  21. impudencee
    shamelessness, offensive boldness
  22. indifferent
    not caring, not interested, apathetic (The noun is indifference)
  23. invocation
    a prayer or request for guidance, supplication, entreaty (The very is invoke)
  24. libation
    wine or some other liquid poured out in honor of a deity (or sometimes, just to drink)
  25. lout
    an awkward, clumsy, or stupid person, oaf, boor
  26. maelstrom
    a violent whirlpool or something else that is tumultuous or chaotic
  27. muster
    to assemble or gather a military force, or to gather something else, such as courage (Muster=both n and v)
  28. oblation
    a religious offering
  29. pectoral
    related to the chest. Pectoral fleece would be wool between a sheep's front legs (On men, we say "pecs")
  30. petrel
    a seabird that flies close to the surface of the water
  31. prodigious
    extraordinary in size, strength, or talent (The noun is prodigy)
  32. profusion
    abundance, extravagance, a lot (The adjective is profuse)
  33. promontory
    a high point of land projecting into the sea, a cliff, a headland
  34. regale
    to entertain lavishly, to provide choice food and drink
  35. restitution
    repayment, compensation
  36. revelry
    boisterous festivity, merrymaking (The verb is revel)
  37. scourge
    someone or something that administers severe punishment
  38. serried
    crowded closely together
  39. shingle
    small pebbles or stones on a beach or near a river
  40. smote
    hit, struck, wounded (Yesterday I smote him. Today I will smite him. He has been smitten.)
  41. squadron
    a unit of fighting men or shipss (NOw we often use the short form - squad)
  42. succumb
    to yield, to give up, to die (From an old verb that means "to lie down" as in recumbent)
  43. teeming
    swarming, overflowing (The verb is teem)
  44. tithe
    a tax, a levy, an obligatory payment (usually 10%)
  45. travail
    difficult work, toil, anguish
  46. tremulous
    trembling, shaking, quivering
  47. vagabond
    a wanderer, a nomad, a tramp, a vagrant
  48. valor
    courage, bravery, determination in danger (The adjective is valorous, or just valiant)
  49. victuals
    food supplies, provisions (vittles=pronunciation)
  50. withy
    made of pliable branches or twigs, wicker, made of willow
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Lang./Lit. Odyssey Vocab
Lang./Lit. Odyssey Vocab