Hamlet Vocab

  1. Usurp
    vb, to seize and hold by force
  2. Harbingers
    n, person sent ahead to provide lodging
  3. Portentous
    adj, "Done in a pompously or overly solemn manner so as to impress" -Google
  4. Dole
    n, ones alloted share, portion or destiny, 2) a distribution of supplies to the needy
  5. Visage
    n, the face, countennance, or appearance of a person
  6. Obsequious
    Adj, exhibiting a fawning attentiveness/compliance 2) "Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree" - GOOG
  7. Jocund
    adj, marked by high spirits/jolitity
  8. Filial
    Adj, of a son or daughter
  9. Retrograde
    vb. to turn back
  10. Circumscribed
    vb. "Restrict (something) within limits, Draw (a figure) around another, touching it at points but not cutting it" - GOOG
  11. Calumnious
    adj. marked by slander
  12. Precepts
    n. command or principle given as a general rule
  13. Waxes
    v. "Become larger or stronger" - Google
  14. Importunity
    n. being in a state of urgent begging
  15. Libertine
    n. free thinker, esp. in religious matters
  16. Censure
    n. judgement involving condemnation
  17. Prodigal
    adj. recklessly extravagent
  18. Sepulcher
    n. place of burial
  19. Wassail
    n. a toast to someone's health
  20. canonized
    v. to recognize as a saint
  21. interred
    v. "Place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb, typically with funeral rites" - Google
  22. Enmity
    n. mutual ill will
  23. Unaneled
    adj. not having received extreme unction; not annointed
  24. Ambiguous
    adj. doubtful or uncertain
  25. Harrow
    v. pillage, plunder
  26. Lewdness
    n. state of evil, wickedness
  27. Pernicious
    adj. highly injurious or destructive
Card Set
Hamlet Vocab
Set of vocab from Hamlet Act 1 for an AP English course. These definitions are paraphrased from the Webster dictionary unless otherwise noted.