1. What is the only issue not discussed in the textbook when we talk about how personality interacts with situations?
  2. What do ppl consider when selecting friends?
    personality traits
  3. What is it called when a person's behavior unintentionally illicits a certain response from another person?
  4. What mechanism is in operation when a person is treated nicely because she is a friendly person?
  5. What is manipulation?
    social influence, all the ways in which people intentionally try to change the behavior of others
  6. What are the characteristics most desirable in a mate?
    mutual attraction & love
  7. What is most important to people when choosing a mate
    dependable character, emotional stability & pleasing disposition
  8. What does the complimentary needs idea state about mates that individual's select?
    Opposites attract
  9. What is the assortive mating?
    ppl seem to select mates similar to themselves
  10. According to Botwin, Buss, & Shackelford, what type of mates did ppl who score high on extraversion scales select?
    an extraverted person
  11. What is the importance of high aggreeableness in marriages?
    makes ppl less likely to cheat
  12. What does "violation of desire theory tell us about ppl breaking up with mates?
    breakups should occur more when ones desires are violated than when they are fulfilled
  13. best predictor of divorce in terms of personality?
    low level of emotional stability
  14. What do aggressive ppl evoke from others?
  15. what is the hostile attribution bias?
    tendency to infer hostile intent on the part of others in the face of uncertain or unclear beahaviors from them
  16. What type of person tends to evoke anger from his or her spouse?
    disagreeable & emotionally unstable peron
  17. What is self abasement?
    penance: voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing
  18. What is Attributional style?
    • Our attribution style determines which
    • forces we hold responsible for our successes and failures
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