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  1. What is Linear Approximation?
    f(x) ~ f(a) + f'(a)(x + a)
  2. What tells you if your Lin Approx is over?
    f''(0) < 0
  3. If f''(0) > 0 Is the Lin Approx over or under?
  4. What to do when (2x + 3)2? and finding Anti Derivative?
    Just multiply it out.
  5. For Antiderivative power rule. Plus or Minus?
    + PLUS +
  6. When finding limits, what should you try first?
  7. When is f(x) concave up?
    When f''(x) evaluates to a positive number.
  8. How do you handle off center rotation?
    Displace moment of inertia using Parallel axis Theorem
  9. How do you spell two lines traveling next to each other and never touching??
  10. What does the Parallel axis theorem state?
    Ipar = MR2 + Icm
  11. If you have 3 unknowns how many Eq's do you need?
  12. How do you convert rpm to rad/sec?
    Multiply by 2pi
  13. What is a differential equation?
    An Eq that involves finding a function from it's derivative
  14. What is Linear Acceleration?
    a tangential + a radial
  15. What is special about 1 - x2?
    Difference of squares
  16. What is special about 49 - x2?
    Difference of squares
  17. How do you calculate the angle from two vectors?
  18. What is the format for writing out a Riemann Sum in fractions?
    Div xtimesx f(#ofDiv) +...
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