Wyatt's Vocabulary 11_5.txt

  1. atmosphere
    1. NOUN. air that surrounds the Earth: Earth's atmosphere is made up of gases. 2. NOUN. air in any given place.
  2. chemical
    1. NOUN. of, about, or in chemistry. 2. ADJECTIVE. working, operated, or used
  3. scales
    NOUN. thin, flat, hard plates that form the outer covering of some fishes, snakes, and lizards: The fish’s scales glistened silver in the sunlight.
  4. apprentice
    1. NOUN. beginner; learner. 2. NOUN. person learning a trade or art by working for a tradesman or artist for a certain length of time with little or no pay: Joe was an apprentice before he became a licensed plumber.
  5. club
    1. NOUN. a group of people joined together for some special purpose. 2. NOUN. a wooden or metal stick with a long handle, used in some games to hit a ball: golf clubs. 3. VERB. to hit with a club or something similar.
  6. essay
    NOUN. a short written composition that makes a point about something: I wrote an essay about why schoolshould go all year.
  7. pressure
    NOUN. the continued action of a weight or other force: The small box was flattened by the pressure of the heavy book on it.
  8. manufacturing
    1. VERB. to make by hand or by machine, often by many people doing specific parts of the work. 2. NOUN. process of making articles by hand or by machine, especially in large quantities. NOUN. man·u·fac·tur·ing. VERB. man·u·fac·tured, man·u·fac·tur·ing.
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Wyatt's Vocabulary 11_5.txt
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