1. candour
    • quality of being honest & straightforward in attitude
    • candidness
    • honesty, sincerely,frankness
  2. canker
    • an ulceration (especially of the lips or lining of the mouth )
    • - a destructive fungal disease of trees that results in damage to the bark.
  3. bane
    something causes misery or death
  4. blight
    spoiling , damaging
  5. blister
    • a swelling filled with serum
    • an annoying person
  6. scourge
    a person or thing that cause great trouble or suffering
  7. cantankerous
    bad-tempered & tending to argue about important things
  8. contentious
    • to cause controversy
    • - heaving a ready disposition to fight
  9. choleric
    quickly aroused to anger
  10. cranky
    easily irritated or annoyed
  11. capacious
    • large in capacity
    • spacious,roomy
    • abundent
  12. capricious
    • determined by chance
    • acting or done without forethought
  13. mercurial
    liable to sudden or unpredictable change
  14. whimsical
    determined by chance
  15. fickle
    liable to sudden unpredictable change
  16. mutable
    tending to change
  17. temperamental
    subject to sharply varying moods
  18. captious
    • faultfinding
    • tending to ¬†find fault or raise petty objections
  19. acrimonious
    characterized by angerness and bitterness
  20. carping
    complain or find fault continually
  21. censorious
    severely critical
  22. caviling
    make petty or unnecessary objection
  23. carapace
    hard outer shel,covering of something
  24. chassis
    the outer structural framework
  25. crust
    a hardened layer
  26. hull
    dry outer covering of a fruit,seed or nut
  27. cardinal
    most important, chief
  28. indispensable
  29. pivotal 
    being of crucial importance
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