O-chem glossary (4)

  1. essential elements
    30 elements fundamental to human life
  2. what are first row transition metals important for?
    the action of many enzymes
  3. alpha-amino acids
    the building blocks of all proteins
  4. amino group
  5. alpha-carbon
    the carbon attached to the carboxyl group in amino acids
  6. side chain
    • also called R groups
    • can be polar or non-polar
    • represent the subsituent chain on amino acids
  7. polar side chain
    • hydrophyllic
    • contain nitrogen and oxygen atoms
  8. non-polar side chain
    • hydrophobic
    • contain mostly carbon and hydrogen atoms
  9. what happens to the form of amino acids at biological pH?
    The proton of the -COOH group is transferred to the -NHgroup. e.g H3+NCH2COO(glycine)
  10. primary structure
    • the order of sequence of amino acids in a protein chain
    • the terminal carboxyl group is on the right
    • the terminal amino group is on the left
    • names are represented in a 3-letter code
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O-chem glossary (4)
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