Doctrine and Covenants Exam 2

  1. To whom was the Lord speaking when he said, “thou shalt devote all thy  service in Zion; and in this thou shalt have strength. [But] in temporal labors thou shalt not have strength, for this is not thy calling.”
    Joseph Smith
  2. The Lord told Hyrum Smith “thy duty is unto the Church forever and this  because of thy family.” To what did that refer? What was the duty?
  3. Who was the first missionary in this dispensation?
    Samuel Smith
  4. what does it mean to take up your cross?
    It is to deny oneself all ungodliness, and every worldy lust, and keep the lords commandments.
  5. To whom was the Lord speaking when he said “in temporal labors thou shalt not have strength?”
    The lord gave joseph smith spiritual gifts not financial and him magnifying his calling would support him spiritually
  6. Besides being called to be a companion and helpmeet to Joseph Smith, why else did Emma Smith qualify to be called an “elect lady?”
    Emma served as the first Relief Society President.
  7. What significant literary contribution did Emma Smith make to the Church in 1835?
    She compiled the first hymn book.
  8. As used in the scriptures, the word “ordain” refers to an ordination to the priesthood or to __________.
    set apart
  9. Who was the individual mentioned in section 28 that claimed to have received revelation through a stone he had found?
    Hiram Page
  10. To whom or to where was Oliver Cowdery called to serve a mission in section 28?
  11. True or False: On occasion, it is possible and in accordance with the order of the Church for a person to receive revelation for someone in authority over them.
  12. Who was Mrs. Hubble and why was she significant in Church history?
    She claimed to receive revelation and to be a prophetess who could correct the prophet and receive revelations for the church
  13. Based on the teachings found in sections 28 and 43, which of the following is true?
    ***Only the Prophet has the right to receive revelation for the whole Church.

    Anyone in the First Presidency has a right to receive revelation for the whole Church.

    Anyone in the First Presidency or the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has a right to receive revelation for the whole Church.

    Anyone can receive revelation for the whole Church.
  14. To avoid being deceived by false prophets and teachers, what three things must we do?
    Take the Holy Spirit as our guide.

    Study and follow the Lord's written word.

    Look to and follow the Prophet.
  15. Section 43:8 teaches three responsibilities of anyone who teaches or speaks in the Church. What are they?
    Inspire each other to act.

    Edify each other.

    Instruct each other.
  16. Section 43 tells us that Satan will be bound during the millennium. According to the student manual, that will occur because of what two
    1) the lord will destroy telestial wickedness from the earth at the second coming

    2) He will reward the righteous by pouring out his spirit on them to such an extent that satans power will be overwhelmed.
  17. Who are the “elect” of God?
    the inner circle of faithful members of the church. A portion of members striving with all their hearts to keep the fulness of the gospel law in ths life so that they can become inheritors of the blessings in the life to come.
  18. The MAIN purpose of gathering is to
    Make the ordinances of the temple available to Church members.
  19. True or False: Salvation applies to everything God has created—the earth, the heavens, man, plants and animals.
  20. True or False: The expression that the ‘wicked shall be burned as stubble’ is meant to be taken literally and not figuratively. In other words, the wicked literally will be burned at the second coming.
  21. True or False: Satan has the power to tempt children under the age of 8 to sin.
  22. Section 44 was given as part of the fourth general conference of the Church. Name one of the purposes of general conference mentioned in your student manual.
    • 1. transact church business
    • 2. hear church statistics
    • 3. approve the names which the lord had appointed or disapprove them
    • 4 worship the lord
  23. The “times of the gentiles” began after the death of Christ and will continue until his second coming. Name the four signs given by the Savior, in the Olivet Discourse, that would signal the fulfillment or end of the times of the gentiles.
    • 1. The Jews will be gathered back to the land of Jerusalem.
    • 2. It will be a time of great social turmoil.
    • 3. The Gentiles will for the most part reject the gospel.
  24. David Whitmer was rebuked in section 30 for what 3 reasons?
    • 1. His mind was on the things of the earth more than on the things of God.
    • 2. He was not heeding the promptings of the Spirit
    • 3. He was not listening to the counsel of the Prophet.
  25. John Whitmer made many contributions to the Church. What were some?
    • 1. He helped compile the revelations.
    • 2. He served as Church Historian.
    • 3. He edited many important Church publications.
  26. Thomas B. Marsh was told “blessed are you because of your faith.” To what did that specifically refer?
    He embraced the gospel on the testimony of the spirit concerning 16 pages of the BOM
  27. Five saving instructions were given to Thomas B. Marsh that represents wise counsel to all of us. Name those five instructions.
    • 1. Be patient in afflictions.
    • 2. Revile not against those that revile.
    • 3. Pray always.
    • 4. govern your house and be steadfast
    • 5. be faithful unto the end
  28. Besides Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer, what two other people were called on the mission to the Lamanites.
    Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson.
  29. True or False: The mission to the Lamanites resulted in the conversion of many Native Americans.
  30. The phrases, “eleventh hour” and “having your lamps trimmed and burning” found in section 33 both have reference to what New Testament parable?
    Parable of the 10 virgins
  31. What does it mean to call the church out of the wilderness?
    the restoration of the church
  32. Who was converted at the age of 19 and walked 200 miles just to meet Joseph Smith?
    Orson Pratt
  33. Who was the Lord talking to, in section 35, when he said, “I have looked upon thee and thy works. I have heard thy prayers and prepared thee for a greater work. . . . Thou shalt do great things?”
    Sidney Rigdon
  34. As a result of section 35, what was Sidney Rigdon called to do?
    Help translate the Bible.
  35. What is an “untoward” generation?
    unruly rebelious people whose lives are not turned toward the lord
  36. What does the phrase “gird up your loins” mean?
    prepare for the journey
  37. Section 37 represents the first revelation given to the saints in this dispensation directing them to a gather to a central location. To where were they commanded to gather?
    Kirtland, Ohio
  38. In section 37, Joseph Smith was told not to translate any more. What was he working on at the time of this revelation?
    records of moses and enoch
  39. True or False: When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, the earth was in a terrestrial state. After the fall, it became telestial. During the millennium, the earth will again become terrestrial. After the millennium, the earth will become celestial.
  40. Though Jesus is King of this earth, by right and authority, where will he formally be crowned the actual political ruler of the world?
  41. Section 38 tells us, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” The student manual quoted President Benson who asked, “what, then, is the Lord’s way to help us prepare for the calamities of the last days?” What did President Benson say is the key to being prepared for the Second Coming?
    Look to and follow the Prophets.
  42. James Covill, a Baptist minister for 40 years, was taught the gospel, gained a testimony that it was true, but then rejected it. Why did he reject the word of the Lord?
    He cared more about the things of the world than the things of God.
  43. Who was called, in section 41, to be the first bishop of the Church?
    Edward Partridge
  44. What law were the saints to receive when they reached Ohio?
    Law of consecration
  45. As defined in section 41, a disciple of Christ is one who
    Receives and lives the laws of God.
  46. True or False: We cannot teach anything, by the Spirit, that we are not practicing or living.
  47. We are commanded to love only two people with all our heart. Name them.
    our spouse and God
  48. True or False: As Latter-day Saints, we believe if we have sufficient faith there is no need for doctors or medicine.
  49. What is the law upon which the New Jerusalem will be built and which is given for the benefit of the poor, the building of Zion, and the work of the ministry?
    the law of consecration
  50. How does the Lord define “equality?”
    Equality meant exactness.
  51. Within the law of consecration, the saints are commanded to be “alike.” Being alike had reference to what two things?
    Independant and had the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to build the kingdom
  52. True or False: In the law of consecration, all property and resources were owned by the Church, rather than by individual members.
  53. What did the Lord mean when he counseled the saints to “act upon this land as for years?”
    Even though the location was temporary they were to live as though it was permanent.
  54. Newel Knight was told to “stand fast in the office whereunto I have appointed you.” That office was as presiding patriarch of the Church.
  55. What two men covenanted to provide land for the Colesville saints as  they arrived in Thompson, Ohio, but later broke their covenant?
    Leman copely and ezra thayre
  56. After being kicked off the land they had been promised, where did the Lord direct the Colesville saints to go?
    Jackson County, Missouri
  57. According to your student manual, the “gift to believe on the testimony of others” is most commonly seen among which two groups of people?
    children and investigators
  58. To what does the gift of knowing the “diversities of operations” refer?
    Knowing which manifestations are of God and which ones are of the devil.
  59. True or False: The gift of wisdom refers to the ability to live in harmony with the Word of Wisdom?
  60. The gift of knowledge refers specifically to what kind of knowledge?
    the knowledge of the things of god obtained by revelation
  61. According to the student manual, the gift of tongues is seen daily in the Church among which group?
    newly called missionaries
  62. True or False: Unless the gift of speaking in tongues is accompanied by the gift of interpreting tongues, it is not of God.
  63. Who is given the gift of discerning all the gifts of the Spirit?
    The Bishop
  64. What is the key in determining whether or not something is of God or of Satan?
    • 1. It will edify.
    • 2. It will communicate intelligence.
    • 3. It will promote spiritual growth.
  65. Section 52 came in connection with an important Church conference held in Kirtland, Ohio. What significant office was conferred for the first time, in this dispensation, at that conference?
    High Priest.
  66. What standard are missionaries, teachers, and speakers to follow as they determine what to teach or say?
    to teach the things the lord has revealed to his prophets and apostles that have been taught by the holy ghost
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