World Religion Test 2

  1. Adi Ganth
    Sikhism Book
  2. "Sikh"
  3. Alcemy
    A chemical "science" that tried to find a cure for all diseases and to lengthen life
  4. Communism
    the polictical system where the governement owns everything and also controles all economic, social, media, educational, and religious activities
  5. Feng Shui
    An Asian aesthetic technique, which is not personal choice, but is designed to make qi flow properly. It includes landscaping, furniture arrangement, the use of colors and wind chimes, etc
  6. Hexagram/Trigram
    A figure of six or three horizontal lines, some divided and some undivided (from the I Ching, the book used for fortune telling)
  7. Kami
    a spirit, god or goddess of Shinto
  8. Khalsa/Kalsa
    the Sikh military order (the mmembers promise to work towards righteousness)
  9. Messiah 
    A savior sent by God
  10. Pharisees
    A jewish religious faction that emphasized the observation of biblical rules. It followed the Torah and Talmud and included scribes/rabbis
  11. Sadducees
    a Jewish religious faction that did not believe in resurrection, angels, judgment or reward. It followed the Torah only
  12. Sage
    A philosopher (Asian) who is wise and respected due to experience, good judgement and study
  13. Samurai 
    Feudal soldier (in Japan, often during medieval times)
  14. Sanhedrin
    the 71 member Supreme Court in Judaism (142 BCE to 425 CE). It rulled on religious error and immorality.
  15. Shema
    the foundation statement of Judaism in Deuteronomu 6:4-7, which states that there is only one God who should be remembered and loved
  16. Synagogue
    a Jewish place of prayer, study of scripture and life cycle events
  17. Yiddish
    the language spoken by some Jewish people at home, which is a combination of Hebrew and eastern European languages
  18. Yin/Yang
    Complementary but opposing forces of the universe (like day and night, hot and cold, male and female) in Chinese thinking
  19. The Five K's of Sikhism
    Uncut hair, sword or dagger, comb, shorts, steel bracelet
  20. Dao
    the way
  21. Dao De Ching
    Daoist book
  22. Wu Wei
    The principle concept of Daoism, Live and let live, Go with the flow
  23. The Analects
    One of the books of Confucianism that is basically what Confucius says
  24. Qi
    The life force or energy flow
  25. Ren
    Doing good to others (compassion and respect)
  26. The Yi Ching or I Ching
    Book of Changes in Confucianism
  27. The Kojiki and Nihongi
    Books of Shinto
  28. Jinja
    Shinto Shrine
  29. Kamikaze
    a military attack
  30. Diaspora
    The movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or ancestral homeland
  31. Menorach
    The jewish candle holder used to symbolise the days of Hanukkah
  32. Yarmulke
    Hemispherical or platter-shaped cap worn by Jewish men
  33. Kosher
    Foods that conform to the regulations of the Jewish dietary law
  34. Mitzvah
    refers to precepts and commandments as commanded by God
  35. Holocaust
    The time period in history when many Jews were killed
  36. Tabernacle
    the portable dwelling place for the divine presence from time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering od the land of Canaan
  37. What is the only Monotheistc Indian religion?
  38. Sikhism book
    The Adi Granth
  39. Confucianism book
    5 Classics and the I Ching
  40. Daoist book
    Dao De Jing and the Zhaung Zi
  41. Judaism book
    Tenach and Talmud
  42. Shinto Books
    Kojiki and Nihongi
  43. Juche Founder
  44. Daoism Founder
    Lao Tzu and Zhuang Zi
  45. Shinto Founder
    Jimmu Tenno
  46. Sikhism Founder 
    Guru Nannak
  47. Judaism Founder 
  48. Most spoken language in the world
    Mandiran Chinese
  49. What is the ratio of size from US to China
    About the same size
  50. Which religion is from India?
  51. Which religion is from Japan?
  52. Which religion is from Israel?
  53. Which religion is from North Korea
  54. Which religions are from China?
    Daoism and Confucianism
  55. Who are the most recent emporers of Japan?
    Hirohito and Akihito
  56. Who is Mao?
    He is a Communist Dictator
  57. Which religion believes in total equality?
  58. What is the Cultural Bubble or Burst?
    When many religions were founded around 500 BCE
  59. In Shinto, what does a Shaman do?
    deals with evil spirits
  60. Which country's people live the longest?
  61. Name some practices of Daoism
    • Alcemy
    • Acupuncture
    • Acupressure
  62. Name the East Asian religions
    Daoism, Shinto, and Juche
  63. In which religion are shrines very important?
  64. In which religion are rituals more important than writings?
  65. Which religion believes in human worship?
  66. Which country has the second most people?
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