Yearbook Vobac

  1. pica
    unit of measurement in graphic design equal to 1/6 of an inch
  2. gutter
    the area in the center of the spread/ layout where the yearbook is bound and where the paper runs into the spine
  3. eyeline
    an imaginary, horizantil line of one pica used to unify the two pages in a spread
  4. eyeflow
    the natural movement from left to right using the content elements
  5. dominant element
    the first element the designer places on the spread, often a single photo or a collection of photos that belong in the center
  6. dominant photo
    largest photo on the spread
  7. context element
    design, photo, story, and/ or copy that used on a spread
  8. primary headline attention to the story
    largest type on the spread, attract
  9. secoundary headline
    supplements and supports the p headline
  10. story
    words/ articals that provides facts an quotes
  11. captions
    placed to the outside; above, below,left, or right of photos, gives futher description of photo
  12. rail
    white space used to frame or separate; can ether be vertical or horizontal
  13. folio tap
    page number design
  14. content module
    an additional content element usually with an extra quotes and pictures; provides a differnt perspective on the story
  15. overline
    techique that repeats headlines design for context modules
  16. bridge
    when a content element is placed in a rail and connects other context elements
  17. white space
    an unoccupied part of the design
  18. planned white space
    area of white space that separates two or more content elements intentionally
  19. unplanned white space
    area of white space that detracts from and content, left unintentionally
  20. contrast
    the variety that creates a dynamic design anf sparks visual intrest to keep the presentaion lively and engaging
  21. columns
    vertical divisions used as guides to place content elements
  22. grides
    horizontail divisions used as guides to place content elements
  23. margins
    established boundarys for the spread
  24. template
    a prototype design or outline for a spread or section that everyone can follow to insure consistency
  25. hierarchy
    design technique that creates order and indecates important through size and placement
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