1. Anomaly
    a deviation from the norm; an odd or peculiar occurrence; eccentricity; irregularity; oddity.
  2. Disconcert
    to frustrate; to confuse; agitate; fluster; perplex.
  3. Vitriolic
    harsh in tone; bitterly critical; caustic; offensive; scathing.
  4. Incongruous
    Incompatible; unsuitable for the situation; discordant; improper.
  5. Consternation
    alarming dismay or concern; bewilderment; shock; trepidation.
  6. Eidetic
    pertaining to extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall; vivid.
  7. Preamble
    a preliminary statement; and introduction; prologue; preface; opening.
  8. Innocuous
    harmless; inoffensive; innocent.
  9. Expiate
    to make amends for; atone; correct; rectify.
  10. Compendium
    a list or collection of items; compilation; index; anthology.
  11. Comprise
    to include or consist of; contain; constitute; encompass; incorporate.
  12. Coterie
    a small group of people who share interests and meet frequently; clique; circle; society.
  13. Flippancy
    disrespect; irreverence; rudeness; impertinence.
  14. Plethora
    overabundance; excess; surplus.
  15. Foist
    to pass off as genuine or valuable; fob.
  16. efficacious
    effective; producing the desired outcome; productive; useful
  17. catharsis
    a release of emotional tension; purgation
  18. inundate
    to overwhelm; to fill beyond capacity.
  19. revere
    to regard with respect, awe, or adoration; venerate; respect; honor
  20. internecine
    mutually destructive
  21. risible
    relating to laughter; laughable; comical; jocular; jocund
  22. sybaritic
    marked by luxury or pleasure; luxurious; ostentatious; grandiose
  23. crepuscular
    pertaining to twilight
  24. kudos
    acclaim or praise; honor; distinction
  25. estrange
    to alienate; disaffect; antagonize
  26. intrinsic
    of or relating to a thing's basic nature; inherent; basic; elemental; inborn
  27. maxim
    an established principle; a truth or rule of conduct; axiom, apothegm; proverb
  28. putrid
    rotten and foul smelling; fetid; rancid; malodorous
  29. servile
    submissive; slavish; subservient; ignoble
  30. apocryphal
    of questionable authenticity, but wildly believed; dubious; equivocal; spurious
  31. scapegoat
    bears the blame for others
  32. peremptory
    not allowing refusal or delay; imperative
  33. atelier
    an artist's or a designer's workshop
  34. axiom
    a universal truth; an established rule
  35. dulcet
    melodious; pleasing to the ear
  36. usurp
    to take over; to seize power
  37. patronizing
    treating with condescension; acting superior
  38. iniquity
    an evil or wicked act
  39. archaic
    no longer current or applicable; antiquated
  40. vacillate
    to waver; to sway indecisively
  41. perspicacious
    keen; mentally sharp
  42. abstemious
    using or consuming sparingly
  43. talisman
    a magic charm or superstitious object for protection or luck
  44. expurgate
    to remove vulgar or objectionable material
  45. pellucid
    transparent; clear
  46. metamorphosis
    a transformation or dramatic change
  47. donnybrook
    a fight; an uproar
  48. nonchalant
    unconcerned; indifferent
  49. vestige
    a trace or evidence of something that once existed
  50. interlocutor
    someone who participates in a conversation
  51. procrustean
    strictly disregarding individual differences or circumstances
  52. stygian
    dark and forbidding
  53. sophistry
    a deliberately deceptive or misleading argument
  54. carte blanche
    boundless authority; unlimited power to act
  55. incantation
    a chant; a recited magical spell
  56. cosmopolitan
    worldly; sophisticated
  57. rife
    abundant; prevalent
  58. nomenclature
    technical names or naming system in an art or science
  59. brigand
    a robber or bandit
  60. contemptuous
    haughty; scornful
  61. camaraderie
    rapport and goodwill
  62. frangible
    fragile; easy to break
  63. litany
    any long, repetitive, or dull recital
  64. moratorium
    a suspension of activity; an authorized delay
  65. zealous
    fervent; fanatical
  66. desiccate
    to dry out; to remove moisture
  67. wrenching
    causing mental or physical pain
  68. replete
    full; abundant
  69. interminable
    tiresome and long; seemingly endless
  70. arable
    suitable for cultivation of land
  71. lugubrious
    mournful; gloomy
  72. truncate
    to shorten
  73. ubiquitous
    occurring or seeming to occur everywhere; omnipresent
  74. vernacular
    everyday language
  75. equanimity
    composure; calmness
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