Unit 4

  1. Film badges must be exchanged?
  2. OSL badges are worn for?
    2 Months
  3. TLD's are routinely worn?
    3 months
  4. A ''Cutie pie" is also known as a?
    Ionization Chamber
  5. The proportional counter is often used in the diagnostic range of radiography?
  6. Name two types of metals found in film badges.
    Aluminum and Copper
  7. ___ uses aluminum oxide as a radiation detector.
  8. What do film badges, optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters, pocket ionization chambers, and thermoluscent dosimeters have in common?
    These devices are all used for personnel monitoring
  9. The effective atomic number of lithlum fluoride is equal to?
  10. Name 3 basic components of the film badge.
    • Radiographic Film
    • Durable Plastic film holder
    • Assortment of metal filters
  11. What are 3 disadvantages when using the pocket ionization chamber?
    • Mechanical shock
    • no permanent personnel exposure
    • false reading if not read daily
  12. Explain what happens to the lithium fluoride crystals in a TLD when exposed to ionizing radiation?
    Some of the electrons in the crystalline lattice structure of the lithium fluoride molecule absorb energy and are excited to a higher energy levels.
  13. Name 3 qulaities area monitoring devices should have.
    • Reliable
    • Durable
    • and detect and measure radiation
    • also easy to carry
  14. which badge is more sensitive to low radiatioon environments?
  15. Personnel monitoring is required if an individual has a chance of recieving what percent or more of the annual effective does limit of 5 rem in any 1 year.
  16. Ionization chambers connected to electrometers are used by medical and physicist to perform the standard measurements required by state, federal and health care accreditation organizations for radiographic and fluroscopic devices. These measurements include:
    x-ray output in mR/mAs, reproducibility and linearity of output, timer accuracy, half-value layer, or beam quality and entrance exposure rates for fluoroscopy.
  17. The control badge serves as a basis of comparison with the remaining film badges after they have been returned to the monitoring company for processing.
  18. Name at least two advantages of the film badge.
    Economical, durable, permanent record, and measures x-ray, gamma radiation and all other beta radiation in a reliable manner
  19. The M on the Landauer report stands for?
    Below minimum dose
  20. The sensitivity range for the film badge is?
    10 mrem to 500 rem
  21. Name 2 things that can produce fogging of a film badge.
    Temperature and humidity
  22. A TLD ring badge should be worn with the typed information facing which way?
    Anteriorly with the hand in anatomical position
  23. The OSL provides an accurate reading as low as 1 mrem for x-ray and gamma photons with energies ranging from what? 
    5 KeV to 40 MeV.
  24. measures the visible light emitted from the lithium fluoride in TLD's after exposure to ionizing radiation and heating.
  25. ___________ provide deep, eye and sahllow occupational exposures.
    Personnel monitoring reports
  26. The laser readout for OSL dosimeter is also known as a.
    Glow Curve
  27. The ____ would be the appropriate device to use when trying to localize a missing radioactive seed from an implant.
    GM detector
  28. For the calibration of equipment one may select the...
    Ionization Chamber connected to a electrometer
  29. The person responsible to reviewing personnel monitoring reports is called the....
    Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
  30. Name three requirments of a radiation survey instrument for area monitoring:
    Easy to carry, durable, reliable, interacts with ionizing radiation like tissue would, and detect all common types of radiation
  31. The sensitivity range for the "cutie pie" is 1 mR/hr to ____
    several thousand R/hr.
  32. The _____ is known for "jamming" in high level radiation areas. (like linear accelerators used in radiation therapy
    Gieger Muller
  33. ____ has an audible sound system to alert operator of the presence of ionizing radiation.
    GM detector
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