organization of the nervous system

  1. includes all the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord
    peripheral nervous system
  2. bundles of axons routed together that have pathways that go back and forth to the brain
  3. nerves that connect to voluntary skeletal muscles and sensory receptors and carry info to and from CNS
    somatic nervous system
  4. somatic nervous system 2 kinds of nerves?
    • afferent nerves
    • efferent nerves
  5. carry info from periphery to the CNS (inward)
    afferent nerves
  6. carry infor outward from CNS to periphery
    efferent nerves
  7. controls visceral functions like heart rate and digestion
    autonomic nervous system
  8. fight or fligh response?
    a part of autonomaic nervous system
  9. walter cannon?
    • came up with flight or fight response
    • when people are threatened, body gets ready to flee or defend self
  10. 2 parts of ANS?
    • sympathetic NS
    • parasympathetic NS
  11. mobilizes for emergency
    sympathetic ns
  12. conserves resources, slows everything back down
    parasympathetic NS
  13. 2 parts of CNS?
    • brain
    • spinal cord
  14. blood brain barrier?
    prevents things from going in and out
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