viral disease part 2

  1. Viral disease of the __________ include infectious mononucleosis and  burkett's lymphoma.
    Lympathatic sytem
  2. mononucleosis and burkitts lymphona are caused by what virus/?
    Epstein BArr virus HHV-4
  3. This cancer happen in immunosuppressed people with AIDS and Malaria, it is the picture of the enlarged neck on slide
    Burkitts lymphoma
  4. Viral diseases in the ____________________ are the common cold, flu and RSV.
  5. rhinovirus and the coronavirus cause what?
    common cold, they are the most common
  6. hemaglutin spikes on the flu virus causes what?
    use as an attatchment on the causes the red cells to stick together
  7. Neuraminidase on a flu virus does what
    is a spike that used to release the virus from the cell
  8. A big change due to genetic recombination between viruses from different species infecting the same cell is called
    Antigenic Shift
  9. Small changes due to mutations in the viral genome: ALLows the virus to avoid mucosal IgA antibodies
    Antigenic drift
  10. Viral disease of the ______________ include mumps, hepatitis A and B and viral gastritis
    Digestive system
  11. This condition is spread by saliva and respiratory route and results in fever, swollen parotid glands, orchitis in males in mean past puberty and they have a vaccine for it.
  12. This virus is transmitted by fecal oral route and it causes imflammation of the liver with no chronic form
    Hepatitis A
  13. This virus is sexually transmitted or by blood and causes imflammation of the liver and chronic infection leading to cirrhosis and cancer
    Hep B
  14. Rotovirus and noravirus cause what?
    viral gastroentroitis
  15. This is transmitted through fecal oral route and causes diarrhea and vomiting
    viral gastroenteritis
  16. is there a roto virus vaccine?
  17. Why are mumps in the digestive diseases?
    because of your saliva glands are part of the digestion system
  18. This virus lays latent in your sacral nerve ganglia
    HSV 2
  19. Gardisil is
    vaccination for HPV
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