Brain/nervous system

  1. The brain consists of four principal parts:
    • the brain stem
    • the cerebrum
    • the cerebellum
    • the diencephalon
  2. There are two types of matter in the brain
     grey matter and white matter.  Grey matter receives and stores impulses.  Cell bodies of neurons and neuroglia are in the grey matter.  White matter in the brain carries impulses to and from grey matter.  It consists of the nerve fibers (axons).
  3. The brain stem does what
    The brain stem is also known as the Medulla oblongata. It is located between the pons and the spinal cord and is only about one inch long.
  4. what is The cerebrum
    The cerebrum forms the bulk of the brain and is supported on the brain stem.  The cerebrum is divided into two hemispheres.  Each hemisphere controls the activities of the side of the body opposite that hemisphere
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