Vocab Words The Odyssey Set 2

  1. ardor
    great warmth or feeling
  2. blanch
    • to whiten by removing color
    • to coat
  3. tripe
    first and second divisions of the stomach of a ruminant
  4. spume
    to eject or discharge like a foam
  5. grapple
    to hold or make fast to something
  6. overwhelming
    • that overwhelms
    • overpowering
  7. combers
    person or thing that combs
  8. appease
    to bring to a state of quiet, peace, etc
  9. restitution
    reparation given by giving for loss
  10. travail
    suffer pangs of child birth
  11. supplication
    an act or instance of supplicating (to pray humbly; make humble and earnest entreaty orpetition)
  12. contentious
    tending to an argument or strife
  13. bilge
    round edges that form the transition of bottom and exterior of hull
  14. insidious
    intend to entrap of beguile
  15. forestry
    science of taking care of plants and trees
  16. foundering
    to fill with water and sink
  17. forestay
    a stay leading aft and upward from the stem or knightheads ofa vessel head of the fore lower mast
  18. entrails
    the internal parts of an animal body
  19. overweening
    presumptuously conceited, overconfident, or proud
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Vocab Words The Odyssey Set 2
Vocab Words The Odyssey Set 2