1. What laws about tobacco in Wisconsin?
    Wisconsin smoking ban, takes place in public areas
  2. What is in tobacco?
    • Nicotine
    • tar
    • Carbon monoxide
    • lots of other chemicals
  3. What does nicotine do?
    • Speeds up heartbeat
    • addictive
  4. What is smokeless tobacco?
    • Snuff-finely ground tobbaco
    • seems safe but is same as cigarettes
  5. What are ways to refuse tobacco?
    • causes diseases
    • smoking makes your hair and clothes smell bad
    • tobacco use causes bad breath and dulls sense of smell and taste
    • can stain teeth and fingers
    • can become expensive
    • no longer considered cool
    • new laws ban smoking
    • is addictive
  6. How to say no?
    • be prepared
    • refuse
    • walk away
    • stick with non-smoking friends
  7. How does one break the habit?
    • list reasons to quit and read list when one wants to smoke
    • delay lighting up for few minutes
    • set small goals
    • get rid of all smoking reminders
    • try to avoid smokers in the beginning
    • change habits linked to smoking
    • invent a reward
  8. What is the non-smokers bill of rights?
    • right to breathe clean air
    • right to speak out
    • right to act
  9. What are benefits of not smoking?
    • stay health(will not stay sick as long)
    • clear healthy skin(less oxygen and nutrients leads to unhealthy skin
    • freash breath
    • clean fresh-smelling clothes and hair-smell better
    • better sports performance-can breath better
    • saving money
    • keep enviroment healthy
  10. What are the effects on the brain?
    headaches, diziness
  11. What are the effects on the mouth?
    • bad teeth
    • ruins taste buds
    • cancer in mouth and throat
  12. What are effects on heart?
    higher chance of heart attacks
  13. What are the effects on muscles?
    less blood oxygen flows to muscles whcih causes them to hurt more when exercising
  14. What does it do to respiratory system?
    • damage alveoli which makes the lungs less able to supply oxygento your body
    • -emphysema-a disease that results in the destruction of the alveoli in the lungs
  15. What does it do to digestive system?
    • can lead to mouth and stomach ulcers which are painful open soars
    • harms teeth and gums-yellow color
    • easier to get cavities and gum disease
  16. What does it do to nervous system?
    couts down amount of oxygen that the blood can carry to the brain
  17. What does it do to circulatory system?
    • don't get enough blood or oxygen
    • causes heart attacks and strokes
  18. What does it do to excreatory system?
    • devolp bladder cancer
    • chemicals get into blood
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